"ZRE" – Zapdos ex RG, Rayquaza ex DX, Electrode ex // HL-on

Pokemon - 15

4 Magmar RR
4 Voltorb HL
4 Electrode ex
2 Rayquaza ex DX
1 Zapdos ex RG

Trainers - 28

4 Battle Frontier
4 Pow! Hand Extension
4 TV Reporter
3 Rocket’s Mission
3 Rocket’s Admin.
3 Switch
3 Dual Ball
2 Lanette’s Net Search
2 Steven’s Advice

Energy - 17

10 Lightning
7 Fire

Date: February 7, 2006

This was always a lower-tiered deck, in my opinion, since it depended far too much upon your opponent not drawing out of your Admins. It was fun to play because of how frenetically it would set up, but hard to win games with. Rayquaza could far too easily be KO’d by Desert Ruins and Pidgeot RG.