Zekrom ROS/Altaria DRX // BLW-on

I haven’t done extensive testing with this deck by any means, but I’ve played a decent amount of games and found plenty of promise. It has consistency, easy power, and prize trade. Archie’s Blastoise is a fairly easy matchup, while I have had some trouble with Groudon taking easy knockouts on benched Shaymins or Hydreigons to get ahead, but that can be played around. Basically, the idea is to attack with Zekrom for one energy for upwards of 100 damage, using the effect to attach another energy from the discard pile to it, which sets you up to drop a DDE and take a OHKO or two on EXes. Altaria, Silver Bangle, and Laser Bank all serve to boost your damage high enough to take repeated knockouts. Rayquaza and Hydriegon are alternate attackers, both with a shred effect, and Hydreigon makes the retreat cost for all of your Pokémon very manageable.

Pokémon - 17
4 Zekrom ROS
1 Rayquaza DRX
4-4 Altaria DRX
2 Hydreigon EX
2 Shaymin EX

Energy - 10
4 Double Dragon Energy
6 Lightning Energy

Trainers - 33
4 Professor Sycamore
2 N
1 Lysandre
1 Colress

3 Virbank City Gym

4 Trainers’ Mail
2 Silver Bangle
1 Muscle Band
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
2 Level Ball
1 Switch

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