Yveltal-EX Variants // XY-on 2016

More testing done, I wonder if my deck was somehow clumped before the first deck testing, now, it seems like 7/20 runs, he deck doesn’t perform well. I will probably now be testing other variants of Yveltal ex and some other decks. Please if anyone sees how to make the deck fluent and work, post a list.

Does anyone have any information about the Yveltal/Regirock decks that got Top 8 at a couple of regionals in Brazil? @10foulz mentioned it in the thread “What/Who won Regionals? [2015-2016 edition] POST RESULTS ONLY.” Just curious, seems like a strange combo of cards. Also, I am not sure if they are talking about AOR Regirock or the Promo Regirock.

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This is just a fun build…
Yveltal/Vivillon Deck
Pokemon: 18
2 Yveltal XY
3 Yveltal Ex XY
1 Seismitoad Ex FFI
2 Shaymin Ex ROS
2 Zorua BTK
2 Zoroark BTK
2 Scatterbug XY
2 Spewpa XY
2 Vivillon BTK
Energy: 11
8 Darkness energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
Trainers: 31
3 Trainers’ Mail
4 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
4 Vs Seeker
2 Muscle Band
1 Super Rod
1 Float Stone
3 Forest of Giant Plants
4 Professor Sycamore
2 Professor Birch
1 Hex Maniac
1 Brigette
1 Lysandre
1 Cassius

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I will try to find out if possible. But my best guess is the Promo Regirock for Omega Barrier. It counters Manectric an can swing the Night March match-up.

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Let’s be real here: a splased Pokemon will never use 3 off color energy. Please.

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It would be really hard to power up…I can only see it as Regirock AOR so as to counter manectric. [F][C][C] for guaranteed KO compared to [F][F][F][C] for possible kO.


This is Latin American players who we are talking about. After living here for almost 4 months now, these people impress me one time after another. Good decks or not.

After you mentioned it. The regular AOR Regirock is not out of the question. I see it possible in the deck.

what would that change the energy line to?

I would run 4 DCE, 6 Dark, and 2 Fighting, as well as 2 Prof Letters

how many yveltal-EX are you running?

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Thanks guys.


Extremely Sorry. 20202020

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@OshaWaterBottle any tips to anyone building Yveltal/Smeargle decks?

I’m not @OshaWaterBottle, but I’ll answer this anyway.
James did NOT, and I repeat, NOT play a Smeargle deck. He played a teched-out Yveltal-Zoroark deck. He played 1 Smeargle, and simply to calibrate his Oblivion wings.

Second, you shouldn’t play his deck. It was teched for that particular meta, and that particular meta only. I would not recommend his deck unless you’re in a heavy Manectric/ Manectric Bats meta.

3rd, if you still insist, here’s the Regirock engine for Yveltal:

2 Regirock AOR
1 Smeargle
2 Enhanced hammer
2 Battle compressor
1 Prof. letter
2 Fighting

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Alright, thank you. I saw the posting in the cities thread, and I’ve been trying to make that deck work, and it isn’t cooperating nicely. Although, what purpose do the 2 Enhanced Hammer serve in trying to play Regirock AOR?

Flash energy. Sooo much flash energy.

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@Darksripe2, is flash energy a common card to play in a lightning type deck?

Define ‘lightning type deck’.