Yveltal-EX Variants // BLW-on 2016


Garbodor is too clunky. You need to run some Trainer’s Mails, and why oh why are you not running any Battle Compressor? If you’re interested in running a Maxie’s engine, there’s multiple lists online that you can get some inspiration from. They will set you on the right track.

Hope this helps!


I would definitely drop the Garbo line and add in a 3rd Yveltal XY, as well as a line of Zoroark BKT. I run a line of 2-2-1 for BKT Zoroark Break to act as a floater and an attacker in a pinch - I’ve managed to actually pick up wins just from that.

Personally I feel that having Darkrai EX BKT in there is more or less a redundancy of Yveltal EX, and Darkrai EX from DEX isn’t quite as useful when you’re running attackers whose damage output is relative to the amount of energy on them in this case. With the small country of darkness energy you’re more likely to have free retreat on your Yveltal EX, but if you opt for at least a line of Zoroark BKT with Float Stone you can shift your board around freely without wasting the resources that are best left for powering up Evil Ball.


Keldeo EX > Zoroark any day.


There are pros and cons with each. This thread is in fact for Expanded, thus making Keldeo EX legal as your Floater. However I like the added utility of Zoroark Break as another strong attacker, without worrying about getting OHKO’d by Vespiquen.

I don’t feel that one could justifiably say that one is better than the other, at least in the case of an Yveltal deck. It’s more appropriate to make an argument for why you would choose one over the other, as solid arguments can be made for both of the aforementioned Pokémon.


Expanded you get access to Archeops which immediately gives Keldeo advantage over Zoroark and deck space. Zoroark line your are suggesting takes up five spots compared to one Keldeo. I would use the other four spots for something else.


In my area like everyone plays 2 Yveltal BKT and only 1 Darkrai EX DEX in Yveltal lists. I don’t understand it, honestly.


Probably because of how much Night March there is in your area. In my opinion that’s most likely what it is.


Doubtful, Darkrai is decent in the nm matchup and fright night isn’t. likely heavy yveltal


Or Primal Groudon. Fright Night Yveltal is quite extraordinary in that matchup.


Except when they run Mr. Mime


yveltal has so many outs against mime though? if you play silent lab, you get around it, if you play lasers, you can lysandre mime and laser it to ko and put bench damage back on, and if you play both, you can lysandre/laser/ko mime and still do the bench damage that turn


I’ve seen some Yveltal lists run Umbreon EX, and I honestly don’t understand why. Sure, Endgame is a really good attack if you can KO a Mega with it, but you could just as easily knock out the Mega with an Yveltal EX if you could kill it with the 70 damage from Endgame. Besides, Umbreon is just another 2 free prizes for Gallade in the mirror. Does anybody know why you would play Umbreon EX in Yveltal?


Because they don’t know what they are doing? :yum: Since you have already mentioned that they would be playing the Maxie’s version, then they honestly should not play Umbreon ex. You would think that a good Yveltal player would go…

“Oh, gosh, I have an Archeops in the deck for my Maxie target. Gee, their wouldn’t be any Mega evolution for me to KO would there?”

So, hope this answers your question. :slight_smile: