Yveltal-EX Variants // BCR-on

I’m also wanting to call this a Toad Variant but @Darksripe2 is probably right to call it an Yveltal EX Variant.

Hey ya’ll, I’ve decided that a 2-2 Leafeon w/ energy crush and a Dedenne tech, would be better for the meta. So I cut the 2-2 Raichu and the escape rope. Thoughts?

3x Yveltal EX
2x Darkrai EX
2x Siesmatoad EX
1x Jirachi EX
2x Eevee
2x Leafeon
2x Yveltal (XY)
1x Dedenne

4x Professor Juniper
4x N
2x Lysandre
2x Colress
1x pokemon Center Lady
4x Hnypnotoxic Laser
3x Ultra Ball
3x Vs Seeker
3x Muscle Band
2x Virbank City Gym
2x head ringer
1x max potion
1x Professor’s Letter
1x Computer Search

8x Dark
4x DCE

Thank you in advance :smile:

If you think you’ll be facing a lot of Yveltal in the mirror, consider adding another Dedenne or adding Silver Bangle. Perhaps at the use of an N.

Since this deck tends to move fast (and you have to because there are some decks that can still outpace you), I’d trade out 1x Colress for a 1x Lysandre Trump Card so you don’t deck out. Plus that will give you a supporter to play against a Flareon or Night March Deck. Also, since Toad is a thing, you should play a supporter like Team Flare Grunt and/or Xerosic to discard an energy off of the Active Toad.

In States recently, a Team Flare Grunt supporter gave me the edge against the Toad lock more than once ;).


Though I am in the senior division, which makes some of my results somewhat irrelevant, this is the list I piloted to both a 2nd place finish, and a 6th place (top 8) finish at Nebraska and Iowa States Respectively.

My list:

3 Yveltal EX
1 Darkrai EX
2 Seismitoad EX
1 Yveltal XY
1 Keldeo EX
1 Jirachi EX
1-1 Garbodor PLF (DRX, but mine is the PLF one :smile: )
1-1 Raichu

1 Computer Search
3 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
2 Escape Rope
3 Muscle Band
2 Float Stone
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
2 Lysandre
1 Colress
1 Ghetsis
1 AZ
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
2 Virbank City Gym

8 Dark

In Nebraska, I played a max potion over the Ghetsis, but with the prevalence of Flareon, and the amount of items that would be clogged in their hand through Seismitoad EX, Ghetsis became an incredibly strong card, and I’m keeping it in for Kansas States, which is this weekend.

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This is my list that took me to 10th in Masters for Indiana State two weeks ago. There’s room for improvement, but the hybrid poison / defensive works very well. My only losses were to a flareon / empoleon deck and a donphan deck / robo subs / teammates setup (was close match). There’s room for improvement I’m sure, but it was fun to play:

Pokemon (12)
x3 Yveltal EX
x2 Seismitoad EX
x1 Darkrai EX
x2 Yveltal
x2-2 Garbodor

Ace Spec (1)
x1 Computer Search

Trainers (31)
x3 VS Seeker
x3 Hypnotoxic Laser
x3 Hard Charm
x2 Virbank City Gym
x2 Jamming Net
x2 Ultra Ball
x2 Float Stone
x1 Muscle Band
x1 Max Potion
x1 Switch

x4 N
x4 Professor Sycamore
x2 Lysandre
x1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
x1 Colress
x1 Skyla
x1 Pokémon Center Lady
x1 Team Flare Grunt

Energy (12)
x4 Double Colorless Energy
x8 Darkness Energy

I think that Jamming Nets are underrated as in this configuration, especially against a fighting deck (with Yveltal EX, for example) – a fighting EX w/ Jamming Net against a Yveltal EX w/ hard charm hits for -60. Can’t argue those numbers. Also, with this deck you have to learn to y-cyclone with yveltal EX and also learn to play w/o dark cloak (Darkrai). If you can do that, then you can beat some very good decks out there.

Side Note: This deck is pretty much at an autoloss versus a M Manectric line that plays rough seas stadiums. :wink: Luckily, I didn’t see that at Indiana State, but did the next day at the LC. I would have been 3rd in the LC if I didn’t finish the day facing M Manectric.

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Ive been thinking bulky yvetel is the correct play for a while now. It sets up 2 hit. K.os nicely you nullify the mirror’s math. And you revenge k.o more effectively when they simply cannot 1 hit k.o

Of course the deck was created to beat donphan but it simply is so much more. Missing a laser or a energy attach ment in the aggro build can be the difference between a loss and a win.

The down side to the bulky varient is games play so much longer and usually result in game 1 going into time so you must always win g1 or scoop. No time to fuss around.

Heres a skeleton list i have atm. Im making changes to this but i havent tested. This has beaten all my matchups so far except toad. (Missed a energy)


The changes i suggest is
-2 bicycle
-2 enhanced hammer
-1 prof letter

My suggestions for potential replacements are
: xerosic
: team flare grunt
: 1-1 ninetails line.
: pokemon centre lady
: seismatoad ex
: switch
: im still 50/50 on jamming net as you need to drop hard charms if you miss the attachment. But i know jamming net is good at also reducing bench damage.

Hybrid doesnt still well with me. Usually your to little from a k.o or your just getting k.o.

I think that you can open up for slots by lowering your ultra ball count as well. One of the main issues you may face with a 1-1 Ninetails is that you already have 3 bench supporters (Keldeo-Ex, Jinx and Darkrai) – so 4 slots of the bench would be supporters.

My changes to this list would be:
-2 head ringer
-2 bicycle
-1 ultra ball

+1 Skyla (savior in some cases)
+1 Pokemon Center Lady
+1 Team Flare Grunt (anti-toad, anti-xerneas, anti-empoleon, etc.)
+2 Jamming Net

Jamming Net vs HeadRinger – in my play, which I’ve done both – head ringers are good against cards like Toad where most aren’t banking on needing more than a DCE to do damage but kind of fail against energy attackers like yVeltal and mewTwo where once they get a DCE attached, the headringer is a moot point. Both have their place in the meta, I just prefer to lower the damage output of my opponent’s EX by 40 (60 in some cases).

Bulky versus LaserBank - I too agree that I think Bulky is going to make a comeback because our Dark decks can take a beating from lightening (yveltals, sharpedo ex) and fighting (Absol, Darkrai). I lost a match at states due to losing my last two prizes for a lysandre’d Darkrai because I was playing LaserBank. The game play of not having the lasers (if you’re accustomed to them) takes getting used to as well as not having Garbodor around. I actually will be squeezing in a 4th Shadow Circle in my variant trying to drive home the non-weakness point. I’ve tried Nine-Tails (even a 2-2 line) and I just can’t get it to line up at the right time (might just be my luck).

Update: I took 2nd in Kansas with a list very similar, although I played a thicker raichu, dropped garb and added some other stuff. Here’s the list I used:


Sorta off topic, but wow that’s a lot of FA’s. anyway, what deck did you lose to?

Haha, thank you! I lost to FairyBox in the finals, by dead draws. The stream videos may still be on twitch if you’re interested in watching them.

Talk about ka-bling ka-bling! Seems like every time I tell my brother that something seems good, it tirns out to be good a day or two later: Raichu in Yveltal; Fairies being good; Raichu in Gengar; and Primal Groudon. Not trying to brag, it’s just wierd :smile:

Total bling, love it. It definitely seems like one of the more consistent deck ive seen.

I see Keldeo EX but no Float Stones or Switch or SSU. Was Keldeo EX useful in this deck?

Love the 2 Ghetsis btw.

Dark Cloak would do the trick.

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Ah, missed that. Thanks.

Yveltal never seems to win any tournaments, but it is always occupying like half of top spots.

What was your matchups?
Did you play in masters?
How many players was there?
Why did you play acro bike? And was it worth it?
Same question to ghetsis? Especially with2 copies.
What was the reasoning for 1x baby yvetel.?
Why only 2x ultra ball?
If there was anything you would change in this deck what would it be and why?

I want to understand your list a bit more. It doesnt seem bad. Just different.