Yveltal-EX Variants // BCR-on

What are some ways to optimize this deck to make up for the loss of the mighty dark patch?
Deck list:
x3 Yveltal EX
x2 Darkrai EX
x1 Yveltal
x1 Absol PLF
x1 Mewtwo EX
x2 Beartic FFI
x2 Cubchoo

Ace Spec
x1 Computer Search

x2 Virbank City Gym
x4 Hypnotoxic Laser
x4 UltraBall
x1 Startling Megaphone
x2 Energy Switch
x1 Professor’s Letter
x1 Energy Retrieval
x2 Crushing Hammer
x3 Muscle Band
x3 Skyla
x4 N
x4 Professor Juniper
x2 Colress
x2 Lysandre

x4 Double Colorless Energy
x8 Darkness Energy

I am considering swapping the Beartic line out for some Garbodor for increased versatility while still taking care of Pyroar. All friendly suggestions are welcome!

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I guess without dark patch you can either forget about dark decks, replace dark patch with something like lasers or ruin the consistency by adding in Hydreigon.

Yveltal EX is still pretty strong againist stuff like Seismitoad EX (and cutting 20 from fighting attacks is pretty good too), and there’s still baby Yveltal, that sort of replaces Dark Patch (not at the same level though), I suggest adding 1-2 more, if not 3.

I thought n was out of the format. Wasn’t the most recent
in dark explorers?

There is a promo (BW100):

Oh right i forgot about that promo.

This should be a topic titled: Yveltal-EX, Darkrai-EX, Techs // BCR-on

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“This should be a topic titled: Yveltal-EX, Darkrai-EX, Techs // BCR-on”

I’ll keep this in mind for next time.

Alright so I threw in another baby yveltal, added an energy switch, and one more virbank. got rid of hammers and energy retrieval. Thinking about adding in 2 bikes by removing the virbank I just added and chucking out a lysandre. Thoughts?

As a matter of fact, the title of threads in the help thread can be anything as long as it gives a general sense about what the thread is about. New deck threads in the “Standard” section of the “Deck” category use the format you pointed out.

Hope this clarified things.

Well, we did need a Yveltal thread in Standard, so this might as well be it.

Is there an Yveltal thread in Expanded? If not, I’ll make one!

You should start here:

Pokémon (12)
1x Darkrai EX
3x Trubbish
2x Garbodor
1x Yveltal
3x Yveltal EX
2x Seismitoad EX

Trainer (37)
4x N
4x Professor Juniper
3x Colress
2x Lysandre
3x Bicycle
3x Energy Switch
4x Ultra Ball
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Virbank City Gym
3x Muscle Band
3x Float Stone
1x Professor’s Letter

1x Downsing Machine

Energy (11)
4x Double Colorless Energy
7x Darkness Energy

This deck is strong. Everyone at my league plays this deck. What are some good counters to this deck?

Might as well give my list for this because everyone has caught on to the deck after Fall Regionals:

Pokemon: 13
4 Seismitoad EX
2 Yveltal EX
1 Mewtwo EX
1 Darkrai EX
1 Yveltal XY
2 Trubbish LTR
2 Garbodor DRX

Trainers: 35
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
3 Skyla
2 Lysandre
4 Bicycle

4 Ultra Ball
4 Muscle Band
2 Float Stone
2 Switch
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
1 Computer Search

2 Virbank City Gym

Energy: 12
8 Dark Energy

I’ve been testing the deck against the other decks my brother and I have built right now, and here are the matchups:

  • Pyroar (75-25)
  • Plasma Lugia (55-45)
  • VirGen (60-40)

And finally some changes I’ve been thinking of making:

  • 1 Seismitoad EX
  • 1 Darkness Energy
  • 1 Muscle Band
  • 1 Yveltal EX
  • 1 Professor’s Letter
  • 1 Energy Switch

Feel free to discuss, give advice, or challenge anything within this post!

Well I added a few counters to my deck.

They aren’t the most effect (Raichu), but in my deck I don’t run a lot of basics and rarely fill my bench enough to use circle circuit. If the opponent plays baby-Yveltal I use Zekrom, if the opponent attacks Zekrom to accelerate energy, then all I need is a muscle band, DCE to return KO. Also Yveltal EX needs 4 energy and a laser/bank to OHKO Zekrom in return and Seismitoad EX has to hit it at least 2 times to KO it.

It would be helpful if we knew what your playing first.

Well I don’t see why that is helpful, but I’m currently playing a standard fighting deck with DCE’s (Tyrantrum).

It helps me to know what tech’s you should throw in, or if you should even use the deck. If your meta is as dominated by Yveltal as you describe, then I wouldn’t even play the Tyranrtum deck. Granted, I don’t have much experience with Tyrantrum, but it seems like high energy attacks on a Fighting type vs. a dark type that resit fighting and hits for higher number depending on the amount of energy on you doesn’t seem like an optimal choice for a Yevaltal dominated meta.

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Thanks for the helpful insight, but I have Tyrantrum built and I don’t want to use more money to build another deck. But because you so wisely suggested it, what deck would you play?

Just have fun and play what you like.

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