Yveltal-EX, Raichiu XY // NXD-on


I am also looking for some help with this deck list. Any sort of comment on this deck list would be greatly apreceiated!


8 Dark


1 shuana
4 professer juniper
2 colress
1 lysandre
4 N

4 ultra ball
1 Switch
4 muscle Band
4 Dark patch
1 Computer search
2 Bicycle
4 hipnotoxic laser
2 virbank city gym
1 professors letter


2 Darkrai EX
1 Jirachi EX
1 yveltal
1 Sableye
1 absol
3 Yveltal EX
2 raichu
2 pikachu


The first thing I notice is the Shauna. It’s a great card, but very situational compared to N. For no more cards than you’re getting, something like a 3rd bike or a 2-2 bike/roller skate split may be better. Additionally, I would maybe think about dropping either the Sableye or the Yveltal for a second copy of the other one. It really depends on whether you want a faster deck or one with a bit more longevity. Another idea I’ve seen and used is a 1-of of Pal Pad. It’s such a clutch card and gives you the 5th Juniper, 2nd Lysandre, 5th N, etc.


thank for the help ill take youre idea into account while finishing building the deck!