Yveltal-EX, Darkrai-EX, Techs // NXD-on

This is to discuss all variants of Darkrai/Yveltal excluding Garbodor because 1) It plays differently 2) I don’t like it.
Here’s just a standard-ish list.
3x Yveltal EX
2x Yveltal XY
2x Darkrai EX
2x Sableye DEX
1x Keldeo EX

4x Juniper
4x N
3x Skyla
2x Colress
4x Ultra Ball
4x Dark Patch
4x Dark Claw
4x Laser
4x Energy Switch
3x Virbank City Gym
1x Frozen City
1x Dowsing Machine

12x Darkness

The general strategy of this is to use Yveltal EX’s Evil Ball attack which does 20+ 20 for each energy on the active mons for [D][C] in conjunction with Dark Claw and Laser to hit big numbers while having free retreat with Darkrai. Baby Yveltal is for really early game acceleration as well as a non-EX attacker. Dark Patch+E-Switch make this pretty darn powerful and consistent. There are of course, other variants that use Dusknoir and have focuses somewhere else, jet don’t talk about Garbodor. It’s different.

I prefer to play 9 Darkness, and 3 Double Colorless Energy. DCE quickly adds damage to Evil Ball, and allows you to use Y Cyclone for 2 attachments (or a combination of a Dark Patch or Energy Switch and 1 attachment.) I also include Bouffalant DRX, which further warrants the inclusion.

Playing 12 Darkness will increase the odds of discarding 2 of them with an Ultra Ball, but so will Professor’s Letter, which is searchable by Skyla. Even in a list without Skyla, I would strongly recommend playing Professor’s Letter.

Muscle Band should be played instead of Dark Claw. If you run any Pokemon that aren’t Dark type, they can make use of it. Also, rare situations where Keldeo EX needs to attack can occur.

I would opt to play a Tool Scrapper. Though Garbodor players often don’t go for Garbotoxin when playing against this deck, there are many other great uses for Tool Scrapper. Setting back Vir/Gen by scrapping G-Booster, removing Muscle Band to decrease damage at key times (think Lugia), or removing a Float Stone against a deck that is low on other switch effects are just a few examples.

Some people like a more explosive Supporter / Draw engine, consisting of Professor Juniper, N, Random Receiver, Bicycle, and sometimes 1-2 Colress. I think it’s the way to go, considering you are already playing 2 Sableye. Its nice to be able to Junk Hunt for a Random Receiver in situations where you need a supporter. If you stick with the style of Supporter line you are using, I would recommend adding 2 more. 13 is on the low side in my opinion.

Frozen City is a good inclusion, as it helps combat Blastoise and RayBoar. I like to use 3 stadiums total, as Dowsing Machine can bring back Stadiums if needed.

I have just highlighted some of the differences between your list and how I like my build. Please, if you have strong reasoning contrary to what I have said above I’d love to hear it. Of course there’s no such thing as a perfect list, and every card choice in your list has its merit.

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I just went more for the consistency aspect. Darkness energy that can be Dark Patched, used on T1 for Night Spear. I use Sableye as a way to get back needed Lasers and Dark Patches and Energy Switches. I just haven’t ever found a use for Letter or Energy Search in my Dark decks ever. I thought about Scrapper, but then decided one wasn’t really gonna cut it anyways. I’m using Dark Claw because if I ever have to attack with Keldeo then I’ve already lost, and I don’t play any non-dark attackers. As for the supporters, this is what I’ve been using since what was it…last March I think? Yeah. And it’s served me well. It’s still Darkrai, and most of it just comes down to what you’re used to and how you play, how you want to play, and how you want it to play.

I think Absol should be run as a non-ex attacker. Also, could Malamar/Red Card be used for disruption?

There is no disadvantage to Muscle Band compared to Dark Claw. While you never should have to attack with Keldeo EX, why limit yourself? Dustin Zimmerman talks about this very point in his article on the minutia of gameplay.

As you will almost never have 12 Darkness in play at once, Professors Letter can easily replace 1 of your energies. The only situation where you will miss the energy is under item lock, which is infrequent enought to warrant the benefits of Professor’s Letter. Playing it will increase your odds of getting 2 Darkness in the discard when needed. It will conserve resources in situations where your hand size is small and you cannot afford to discard 2 cards without it. It helps when you need to attach an energy for the next 2 turns. It will thin your deck when you need it to, and when you don’t need it at all you can get rid of it by failing a search. It’s an extremely versatile card that I wouldn’t think of excluding in a list with over 9 Darkness.


Prof’s letter is useful, I have tested it. It allows you to Ultra Ball one card; essentially you play it, get 2 energy and then discard them with ultra ball. this is extremely useful when you don’t want to discard two of the cards in your hand.

List that won Brazilian Nationals this weekend (ND-XY)

3 Yveltal-EX
2 Darkrai-EX
2 Yveltal
2 Bouffalant
1 Sableye
1 Keldeo-EX
= 11
8 Dark Energy
= 12
4 Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
2 Bicycle
1 Random Receiver
= 13
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
2 Virbank City Gym
3 Ultra Ball
3 Pokémon Catcher
3 Dark Patch
3 Muscle Band
2 Energy Switch
1 Tool Scraper
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Dowsing Machine
1 Enhanced Hammer
= 24


Here is the very consistent list of speed Darkrai Yveltal that i run:


4 Yveltal XY

3 DarkraiEX DEX

2 YveltalEX XY

1 Absol PLF

1 KeldeoEX BCR


11 Darkness


4 Professor Juniper

4 N

4 Shauna

2 Pokemon Fan Club

1 Bianca

1 Ghetsis

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

3 Ultra Ball

3 Muscle Band/ Dark C;aw

2 Dark Patch

2 Bicycle

2 Energy Switch

1 Professor’s Letter

1 Random Reciever

1 Enhanced Hammer

1 Computer Search

1 Frozen City

1 Virbank City Gym

The strategy of my approach to Speed Darkrai Yveltal is to start off with Yveltal (That is why I run 4 of him.). Then you get Darkrai out and power up Darkrai with Yveltal. Then you attack with Darkrai the rest of te game (Yveltal is my back up attacker and he takes up too much energy that I can’t recover.) I run only 2 Dark Patch because I have infinite Drak patches with Yveltal (and I only have 2 Dark patch.)
I run a lot of disruption cards to disrupt.

ya that looks like an interesting list, but it has alot of inconsistent one-ofs that could change
like gieghtsis, and frozen city seem a llitle ify.

Pokemon (14)
2 - Darkrai EX
2 - Yvetal EX
2 - Yvetal
2 - Sableye
2 - Virizion
1 - Tailow
1 - Swellow
1 - Snover
1 - Abomasnow (Bang Heads)

Energy (16)
8 - Dark
4 - Blend DGFP
2 - Double Colorless
2 - Grass

Trainers (30)
4 - Dark Patch
3 - Hypnotic Laser
1 - Virbank City Gym
3 - Professor Juniper
3 - Skyla
2 - N
2 - Muscle Band
2 - Ultra Ball
1 - Silver Bangle
1 - Level Ball
1 - Evosoda
1 - Escape Rope
1 - Scramble Switch (Ace Spec)
1 - Cassius
1 - Enhanced Hammer
1 - Super Potion
1 - Startling Megaphone
1 - Eviolite

My deck is similar to some others and I like the flexibility this deck provides:

Tailow/Swellow: (Better than Catcher, Lysandre and Genesect EX Ability) I have a escape rope and scramble switch for insurance when swellow isnt out or gets bench knocked out. No energy needed and can reuse over and over.

Snover/Abomasnow - Handles fire decks and Pyroar, confuses opponent and Virizion protects my pokemon from locks

I use lots of different items so I can customize my play based on my opponent. Sableye lets me junk hunt them back for reuse as needed.

First of all, 9 supporters is not enough. Second, a 1-1 Abomasnow line will not beat Pyroar or Fire-type decks, since it is gone when it is knocked out. Third, 1 Virbank City Gym will not be enough to win stadium wars between any deck, as they almost always run more than 1 Stadium. Also, Swellow isn’t that good, as your opponent chooses which Pokemon to switch. If you want to run a Dark type variant that uses Virizion and other Pokemon, Darkrai/Yveltal/Hydreigon LTR might be a better idea.

fyi - I am a parent getting into this to spend more time with my kids and looking for my own strategy vs copying the pros, this is what I came up with before reading online articles. I joined this site last week. I appreciate critical feedback and suggestions though, which is why I posted my deck line. :slight_smile:

I agree in that I was debating on adding another Professor Juniper or N and a Virbank; not sure of best cards to remove. When you say 9 supporters, what specifically do you suggest adding/removing?

I’ve used the standard Hydreigon LTR plan published everywhere and looked for a different variant to give more edge vs fire decks as I’ve seen them a lot with the local tournaments and believe it will grow with flashfire.

Darkrai/Yevetal EX are still my main attackers. Abamasnow is just a great add for 2 energy to help OHKO a Pyroar or use 3 energy on an EX and with the help of +MB+Virbank/Laser to defeat Charzard M and only risk one prize card if defeated. Even if not playing fire decks, I’ve found him useful against plasma lines, etc to do 80 damage and soft-lock them.

Swellow - I go back and forth on them and more often than not, they sit on my bench most of the game and I can use them when I want as often as I want. 90hp usually lets him stay alive for a bit (to be honest, unless I get bad draws, he rarely gets knocked out from my bench before hes earned his keep) and since I have Darkrai, I can put one DCE on him so he can’t get switched into being an attacker. I like knowing when I say “Drive Off”, they have to bring someone else out. More often than not when testing, I found it to be useful to mess up the opponents plans being able to use it as much as I want…Does catcher (hit and miss, could be wasted card) or Lysandre(I dont like having to use this as a supporter) let you pick the pokemon to switch? Does Escape rope?

Catcher, Red Signal and Lysandre let you pick the benched pokemon.
If I were to play a deck like this, I would probably run something like this:
2 Darkrai EX
3 Yveltal EX
2 Sableye
2 Snover
2 Abomasnow
2 Virizion EX
4 Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
3 Random Receiver
2 Bicycle

4 Dark Patch
2 Energy Switch
3 Hypnotoxic Laser
2 Pokemon Catcher
1 Enhanced Hammer
3 Ultra Ball
2 Muscle Band
2 Virbank City Gym
1 Dowsing Machine- Ace Spec
6 Dark
4 Blend GRPD
2 Double Colorless
This is a rough list, so I don’t really know how it’ll work, but I still hope this helps!

Thanks, I am short a few of these cards and looks like some useful ideas. I will tweak my deck some and try some of these cards out.

I agree with the others, you need more stages, if your abamasnow gets prized you are kind of in trouble. I see that your main strategy is to catcher stuff out, but you need some non ex, non basic attackers.

You didn’t want to lose to Blastoise, did you?


So…After much testing with the usual dark deck lines, I’ve come up with a plan I haven’t had a chance to completely test yet…The primary purpose is to play speed/power dark line and tech for FLF.

I’ve never really got Garbador going when I needed him before his tool was swept away. I find a lot of lysandre and startling megaphone being played with FLF release regardless of deck build. Garbador is still a solid line, and just feels slow for a speed dark line and I believe a new tech is better…

Hydreigon LTR is decent and Druddigon FLF is everywhere…

So, instead of fighting Pyroar, I am going to bring him into my den…

Pokemon - 15
Yvetal EX - 3
DarkRai EX - 2
Yvetal - 2
Sableye - 2
Liteo/Pyroar - 2/2
Tailow/Swellow - 1/1

Energy - 15
Dark - 8
DCe - 3
Blend - 4 (DGFP)

Trainers - 30
Juniper - 3
N - 2
Bianca - 2
Laser - 3
VBCG - 2
D. Patch - 4
Muscle Band - 2
Silver Bangle - 1
Prof Ltr - 1
Super Potion - 1
Tool Scraper - 1
Enhanced Hammer - 1
Pal Pad - 1
Evesoda - 1
Level Ball - 1
Ultra Ball - 1
Escape Rope - 1
Scramble Switch - 1
Lysandre - 1

My purpose is to hit hard and fast with Yvetal EX T1 Evil Ball and T2 - Cyclone helping power up the bench.

Here is the tech plan…Pyroar provides time, frustrates opponents EX and can give hits here and there…While opponents try to get their plan in place to deal with him…weaker stage pokemon, I could just pull pyroar back free (Dark Cloak using blend to cover his fire attack + dark for free retreat) and then bring back out Yvetal EX. If they bring out a Girantina EX or Cobalion EX, I can attack them, no real loss.

Tailow/Swellow really is a great tech line…as soon as they put a staged pokemon out, I send them back to bench and most likely they will be forced to bring back out an EX which I get free shots at! If they eventually get him knocked out, Ive still got a Lysandre and Escape Rope to play…by then they are done…

The only card really a concern would be Suicune because of weakness or other pyroar. I’ve debated adding Latias for one of my Darkrai or a dark energy as another option to further frustrate the opponent.

I believe this deck (based on other close variants I’ve played) allows a lot of flexbility to catch opponents off guard without hurting the power dark line.

Update: OMG - Some testing today…I hate these soft locks not having Virizion in my deck! What to swap out…My Youngest child runs a Virgen/Plasma deck and my oldest runs a Fairy/Water deck with Goodra…@baby_mario, where are thou my Druddigon FLF…Decisions, Decisions…

You need at-least 2-3 more supporters, the item/tool line is kind of scrambled. I mean you also have no ultra ball as a way to scope your deck or get needed Pokemon. Deck that use blend energies are kind of out of luck if someone Enhance hammers you, I mean you have allot of special energies.

I can’t really comment on it yet, but I’ll test it out and see how it goes, it’s an interesting Idea. It looks like it would be quite inconsistent though.

So, after playing in a local tourney (with national/worlds players+some tropical beach)… I got hosed…Deck works well against others like myself and not higher caliber players with great strategy and experience…(maybe I didn’t play it very well either as it was first time I ever saw Tropical Beach (and I am no pro, barely good enough to call a rookie after 4 months of playing) and 2 VBCG wasn’t enough when they had 4 TB which those 4 cards are more than I’ve spent for all the cards (myself+2 boys))

PS > @darkslayer (it was inconsistent and I have added another Juniper and Ultra ball)

These players were great to talk too and shared wisdom!!

Lesson Learned: Synergy is key to consistency…

I’ve removed the tech lines (pyroar, blend energies, virizion etc etc)

Updated Deck which has run very, very well thus far, I just hope 1/2 the cards aren’t rotated out soon…I am debating on dropping Absol to add another Prof Letter or a Max Revive so I can pull a Zorua/Zorack back that may have fallen victim to a Juniper.

Pokemon - 17
3 - Yvetal EX
2 - Darkrai EX
2 - Sableye DExplorers
2/2 Zorua/Zorack LT
1 Yvetal
2- Bouffalant DExalted
1/1 Tailow/Swellow
1 Absol

Energy 12
Dark - 8
DCE - 4

Trainers - 31
Juniper - 4
N - 2
Bianca - 2
Laser - 3
VBCG - 2
D. Patch - 4
Muscle Band - 2
Silver Bangle - 2
Prof Ltr - 1
Super Potion - 1
Tool Scraper - 1
Enhanced Hammer - 1
Pal Pad - 1
Ultra Ball - 2
Escape Rope - 1
Scramble Switch - 1
Lysandre - 1

I am running this at UK NAts this weekend. I’ll post my list afterwards