Yveltal-EX, Darkrai-EX, Garbodor LTR // NXD-on


I’d like to run an ENTIRE new deck that will beat his dark deck .

the deck revovles around yvetal then only uses darkrai for the free retreat
and sometimes uses it for attacking. Then he uses the lasers with the
virbank stadium. Then tries to get garbador with some kind item doesn’t
matter what it is. He runs so much tools that it don’t matter. He uses the
muscle bands for yvetal. Then mostly uses the float stones on garbador or
keldeo. He uses the sabley (junk hunt) for the lasers, dark patches, and
computer search.


Ghetis is a great idea. My son runs them in his fairy deck and it definitely is very disruptive in my dark deck.


I’m now running a malawell I decided to run this deck and I tried it against some decks at my league today But, I did lose 2 times and also I’m missing 5 cards.

Missing cards

3 bicycles
1 Skyla
1 Level ball

But, I won a lot of the time. I’m using Shauna instead of N. But, again I’m wanting an entirely new deck just dominating that guys deck. I don’t know if this deck would work against it But, this deck does have a very good consistent / control / somewhat aggressive outcome if played right/get the right cards in time. I don’t know.


Alright so I started using Yveltal decks 3 months ago and I have tested a bunch of different variations online and with friends irl. I decided to go from speed Yveltal to yveltal garbodor. Here is my current list http://www2.bebessearch.com/Pokedex/DecklistShare.aspx?id=784660130&key=1001050122

My conclusion so far for this deck is it can can be inconsistent with lack of supporters and/ or energy. Juniper and N must be at 4 each and at least 2 RR. I put DCE to 4 and I put bike at 3 because of this, there’s not much more that I can do. Computer search is key for getting supporters, lysandre, or Garb. It provides a great Avenue for clutching situations.

What do you guys think about a line of Raichu for mirror match and or for a non basic against Pyroar? We have Garb but sometimes you can’t get him out of something happens. Just thinking thinking of something different…


IMO, you are thin with usable attackers; the rest are tech cards and Druddigon is very inconsistent depending on timing/opponents deck build. I believe every dark deck should run 1 Yvetal in any build. If you are just looking for solid attackers to also add, I really like zorua/zorack and then if you want average attackers with some matchup ability, then use the Raichu line.


I don’t really know what you mean but “thine with usable attackers” I have pretty much every attacker that is normally used in Yveltal/Garb decks. I think a 1-1 line of zorack would be nice but it could lead to inconsistent play, which is why i have decided not to use raichu now. Druddigion isnt that inconsistent, 90 can knock out some pokemon and both rayboar and blastoise will be highly used decks. I use to use Yveltal XY before but took him out. What would you suggest i take out for him?


I feel like since you’re playing 4 DCE, Drudd shouldn’t be that inconsistent. I personally really like it.


Well, I personally didn’t like Garb much (preferred faster Yvetal deck) and have just recently begun testing it in my deck the past week. You mentioned that the deck can be inconsistent without lots of supporters. I’ve tried to add 2-2 lines of attackers instead of the extra supporters and haven’t found too much issue with keeping the pressure on the opponents. (I dont get much oppty to play tropical beach decks). I think another VCG would serve you better than the shadow circle.

Having played some pyroar decks, I prefer to have more options to hit him vs solely relying on Garbador because 1 Lysandre won’t cut it if they are running 2+ of that line…


Yeah I wouldn’t run Bouffalant and Druddigon together, that’s just a recipe for disaster if you want another attacker just use baby Yveltal instead of one of the two. I also don’t like Lysandre, in Yveltal decks, that’s just my opinion though, I usually run 2 Pokemon Catcher. They work well with Plasma and the Flashfire engine but they just put you in a terrible disposition most of the time. You could be disrupting your opponent with N rather than using lysandre or using a important tool that you otherwise would have not gotten because Lysandre got in the way due to random receiver. I also would recommend another real draw supporter such as Colress.


Just adding a bit more information ask yourself, do you want something more universal Hybrid deck that runs 1-1 line garbodor and 1-1 raichu, defensive type deck that is very disruptive with crushing hammers that runs 2-2 garbodors I’m sure it would work fine in a hybrid deck as well, or just something techy with escape ropes. It’s really your call they’re all good in their own. If you wanted pure speed then just run a Non Garbodor deck with lots of draw support or just a 1-1 line and less emphasis on setting up garbodor considering you would be running less support and either more tech items/tools and or pokemon.


Well, after much testing, Garbador has proven his value even if he slows my deck down and makes some match ups questionable. I just beat a good player with a stocked Raindance deck, tropical beaches, Batista, etc…no way could I have been in game without garbador.

The question I have is, when Dark Patch and Sableye are rotated next, can these dark decks hold up? I am no so sure…


Fingers crossed for Dark Patch reprint, but I’m not holding out much hope…


yea, they could there are versions that use other pokemon to setup energies. Virizion EX comes to mind.


Right, I’ve used a Virizion line previously…it isn’t a good replacement for patches in mid-late game play…after a few Junipers have been played, best to just run an extra baby yvetal…:frowning:


I dont know, it runs fine for me, I had to test it allot before I got it consistant. It’s not an easy deck to use, you have to reject tool scrap yourself.


I run two by the way.


1 Keldeo EX

2 Darkrai EX

3 Yveltal EX

2 Garbodor

2 Trubbish

1 Computer Search

4 Juniper

4 D Patch

4 Stones

3 Muscle band

4 Laser

3 Energy Switch

1 Professors Letter

3 Ultra Ball

1 Catcher

1 Colress

4 N

1 Lysandre

1 RR

1 Shauna

1 Bike

2 Virbank

8 Dark


Feedback on my list?


Most of the stuff is going to be personal preference.
I feel that you could do without the 4th float stone, maybe add in a baby Yveltal to replace it.
I also never understood running Keldeo in a deck where you are planning on shutting off abilities.

There is nothing inherently wrong with your list. Just keep testing and maybe you’ll figure you don’t need that 4th lazer or do need a second prof letter.


Ok thanks @Hal the Keldeo is for Trainer Lock if they scrapper my Garbodor.


You could always just use Lysandre to stop the lock and then put a tool back on Garbodor. Especially since Lysandre has other uses while Keldeo EX is a dead card in almost every other match up.