Yveltal-EX, Darkrai-EX, Garbodor LTR // NXD-on


Haven’t played in quite a while due to scheduling things, so I may be behind on the times, but has the issue of startling megaphone messing up Garbodor been addressed?


It doesn’t really mess up Garbodor any more than Tool Scrapper did.


Suppose you’re right. Guess the jump from ‘two’ to ‘all’ made me think there would be a difference.


It shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve been messing around with your deck baby_Mario, over all your deck it’s pretty solid. The problem is when pyroar comes into picture and Scraps you. What do you think of taking out one random receiver and 1 double colorless in order to add in a tech such as a 1-1 line of zorua and zoroark dark rush, either that or I suppose a pikachu raichu might work.

It really only becomes an issue when you end up scrapped and the player has a Virizion EX benched then uses a super rod, etc, I was running it with the comp search and that’s really the only Pit-Fall I see to your skeleton build. But it runs very well otherwise.

One other note, I do know he had atleast 1-3 tropical beaches, so he basically used those and special energies to his advantage. The more I think about it enhanced hammer might not hurt either, trying to think of what to take out. I’ll post something up once I think it’s stable enough in the whole meta, not just one deck variation though.


I think if he has a pyroar set up and a virizion set up and tool scapes your garbodor, running some 1-1 tech line isn’t going to fix all of your problems. All you have to do is get your tool back on garbodor and knock out pyroar and you are back in business, right? Run another tool seems like an equally good tech. :smile:


It’s not as simple as it sounds, there was a bit more to it than that, he had suicune’s lined up, tool scrappers. etc. But yeah, that was just a basic starting point I’m going to change more than that, haha.


I find when you need sableye, you need him, I run 2 and use the extra if it comes early as my ultraball discard…I also have found running 2-2 Zorack easily handles pyroar…non-issue and if you look at my post Darkra/yvetal/techs post…Tailow/Swellow has been a great asset to get around pyroar, its not common they have more than 2 on bench…I easily beat a good player who ran pyroar/archops…

@baby_mario : Help this newbie, I just don’t understand why Druddigon FLF is coveted against blastoise…


It took me a while (and getting the card to believe it) and I find Bouffalant to be better than running Absol…I also think you need another solid attacker or two…


@darkslayer - Ive gone back and forth with Dowsing Machine (i dont have one) and I love scramble switch…many a game, i need to knock out a new opponent EX for win, I use Sableye to junk hunt, get my patches or laser, etc…they knock out Sableye, I put up Darkrai + 3 energy, play the Switch onto a yvetal EX with only 2 energy which now becomes 5 + opps energy, whammo! Deception at it’s finest!


Dowsing Machine has helped me out far more, the skeleton build is very consistent so you will generally have a Garbodor setup second turn assuming the trubbish isn’t ko’ed. I have a skeleton build, bear in mind there will be some empty spots but I will tell you which item\tool should be. It’s not that I mind posting my deck list it’s just that I like to have people promote their own creative use and put their own spin on the deck, so that it is more suited towards yourself rather than someone else.

I’ve been running the same Pokemon line up, I’ll mess more with that later.

You could go either way with the energy count really, 9-3 or 8-4 it’s really just a matter of preference, Imo.

Also, Scramble Switch is awesome, I used to run it all the time, I just like the option of getting Lysandre back which is why I run Dowsing machine. Glad its working out for you!

Pokemon 11
Absol Plasma Freeze-1
Darkrai EX-1
Yveltal EX-3
2-2 Trubbish\Garbodor

Trainers 37

Items- 18
3 Dark Patch
3 Hypnotoxic Laser
2- items of your choice.
1- Professors Letter
2- Random Receiver
2- Items of your choice
4- Ultra Ball
1- Dowsing Machine

Tools 6
3 Float Stone
3 Muscle Band

Stadium 3
3 Virbank City Gym

Supporter 10
4- N
4- Professor Juniper
1- Lysandre
1- Supporter of your choice “non item draw supporter”

Energy Count 12
9 Dark Energy
3 Double Colorless

Just a note your going to want atleast 1 palpad, the way the deck runs you could end up ripping out 3 junipers or N’s in one turn. I would suggest 2.

Considering Computer Search over Dowsing Machine with palpads in the picture.


Black Kyurem EX KOs something, you then OHKO it with Druddigon’s Revenge.

Any time you can KO an EX with a non-EX you generate some advantage for yourself.


Valid point and how often do you come up against a dragon card in matches? 50% of the time and with it being on a knock out, that drops to 20% of the time and having it ready with energy, 5% of the time? Do you think more eviolite or hard charms may be played now to give these cards an extra turn?

I think I prefer taking my chances with Boufflalant+a muscle band for a locked 80 or 140, especially since I also run bangles, vbcg and lasers.

I definitely see the value of druddigon, however I like just knowing my card is always playable and providing value in the majority of situations…


Ok, I’m not sure where the percentages come from, but they seem suspiciously made up . . . like 92.4% of all statistics.

This is about playing cards and using them right. You don’t put Druddigon on your Bench and think ‘hmmm . . . I wonder if he’ll be useful?’ You plan to use him and play accordingly. How often do Dragons KO things when you play against BKEX or Rayquaza? 100% of the time.

Bouffalant’s damage may be ‘guaranteed’, but if you are staring at a Quaza or BKEX do you want to do 120/140 for 3 Energy, or would you like to OHKO it for 2? Because if you miss the KO, those things will just sweep.


Baby Mario, how might we account for spam snipining, Mewtwo EX,Landorus EX,Raichu,Virizion EX decks are becoming pretty popular in the Meta, considering your whole goal is to shutdown abilities start doing heavy damage to the opponents EX’s and stall with Lasers and Virbank this becomes an issue. I was considering techs such as escape rope and super potion,Mr Mime is a possibility but since your shutting down abilities it’ is just counter productive to the deck.


Is there any reason you play Darkrai EX? Yveltal EX completely outclasses it.


Darkrai EX (back up attacker, Yvetal is primary) allows for free switches for any pokemon with dark energy…it also is a great attacker as towards end of game, you hit an opponent pokemon for say 140 and they move the EX to the bench…You can still hit for 90 + the 30 needed to finish that retreated pokemon!


Okay my friend is running a deck similar to this But, lil more aggressive. I’m running a Gen./verizion/riachu deck against him. I’ve tried multiple attempts of switching cards, strategy, etc. I’ve only one 2 times and it’s getting pretty annoying. He keeps being a dick and shows poor sportsmanship to everyone. Is their anyway to beat him Because, he needs to stop. I have a pretty good idea of what cards he has. If someone helps me build a deck to beat him all credit goes to that person and also is helping to puta bad ssportsmanship player in his place and hopefully stops acting like a you know what.

His deck from my memory

2 garbadors
2 Trubish
4 yveltal ex
2 Or 3 darkrai ex
1 keldeo ex
2 Sabley (junk hunk)

4 Hypnotoxic lasers
2 Or 1 professors letter
4 dark patches
4 or 3 muscle bands
2 verbank city gyms
2-3 float stones
4 junipers
2 N
3 roller skates
3 bicycle
2 lysandre
2-3 shauna
1 computer search ACE SPEC

9-12 dark energy

It’s annoying as heck.


I don’t quite get what you’re asking, you want a deck that can beat a Dark deck like his, or a modified version of what you’re running? Also explain how he sets up generally, that would help me out a bit and I’ll see what I can do.


I believe you are at a disadvantage based on the matchup. First off, if you just want a match up to beat him, he currently has no real answer for pyroar. If you want to use your virgen deck, I’ve found that (since I run a dark deck primarily) that a well placed leafeon or two with a shaymin can make the matchup harder…


With him running that many trainers I would definitely use ghetsis to your advantage, can you give me a basic idea of the genesect\virizion deck you are running, I don’t run Vir\Gen decks but I have played against them quite a bit. I would also suggest escape ropes, maby even redcard despite it being labeled as garbage, it would still probably work well against him.