"Your Daily Dose of Vitamin Bee" – Inspecting the Big Two (to Counter) for Daytona and Bringing Back Bees

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Hi Rahul,
Congrats on your undergraduate degree! What is it in if I may ask?
About your article, I agree with your philosophy on playing your most comfortable deck in expanded. Over time, you will just do better. That doesn’t mean you cant alter it slightly if you need to help with certain matchups though. Doing so wont affect how you play the deck of course but it helps for that tournament. My expanded favorite is Darkrai and I always have a decent amount of success with it. I’m usually the only one playing it too. i just alter it to help with the perceived couple best decks in the format at the time. It has always served me well doing that. Anyways, enjoyed this and have a great day!

Thank you! I’ll have a double bachelors in Economics and Finance! Thank you as always for reading the content and your feedback. Good luck!