Yanmega Durant deck + advice for a returning player


I couldn’t find the deck section sorry
About me:
I previously played about 4-5 years ago, and haven’t played since. I won states one year, so I am reasonably experienced. I have recently started playing the game online again. I don’t have the time or money to buy actual cards and participate in tournaments.

The deck:
3 days ago I started an online account, and made a deck based on Durant, because it reminded me of the old one that I used with good success in combination with Pinsir. I have traded for Yanmegas and have combined the two with good success. (My record is 22-3 in online games) I have no idea what decks are dominant, or if this deck would have any success in a tournament.

Pokemon: 13
4 Durant (Breakpoint I think)
4 Yanma (any)
4 Yanmega (Steamsiege)
1 Yanmega Break

4 Shauna
2 Judge
2 Lysandre
4 Wally
1 Team Flare Grunt
3 Hard Charm
2 Giant Cape
3 Acro Bike
2 Professor’s Letter
4 Pokemon Catcher
2 Bicycle
4 Crushing Hammer
4 Level Ball

10 Basic Grass

The idea is to get a Yanmega out attacking as fast as possible by using Wally, and use Pokemon Catchers, Crushing Hammers, Team Flare Grunt and Lysandre to slow down their set up. once they start to use a lot of cards try to get damage on your Durant, and mill their deck. Only 2 of my wins have been from taking all 6 prize cards. About half make them run out of cards, and the rest are from making them run out of pokemon.
I have won in the first turn twice, and the second turn 2 or 3 times.

Problems I have found:
If I don’t get a Yanmega set up early then the other person gets set up, and I almost always lose. (Unless they run through cards fast, and I deck them.)

Feedback is greatly appreciated.
*note: There may be cards that I have never heard about that would be very good so please tell me. Also, I am considering using the stadium that allows you to evolve grass pokemon in one turn, but I feel like this will be a dead card most of the time. Please tell me your thoughts


If you play the stadium (Forest of Giant Plants), you can use a draw supporter instead of a wally, making the deck much more consistent.

Also, stadiums are very rarely dead cards in this format; you need to be able to bump your opponents stadium to win.


Ok, thanks, I’ll test it out.


rainbow energy can be used to put damage on durant.


I didn’t realize it was still legal thanks.


I don’t suggest playing this deck with both durant and yanmega, play one or the other. Your deck will get too clunky.


Believe it or not it actually very consistent, the only issue is late game when they get setup and can one shot my yanmegas. However, I admit that durant may not be the best second pokemon to have in the deck. Do you have any other suggestions?


vespiquen/yanmega had a good performance back at worlds, however the deck hasn’t seen any results since and vespiquen tends to have better partners as yanmega doesn’t appreciate garbodor at all.