Y-Guy3's 2016-2017 season 130/400(seniors)

This is my second year of competitive play. It would be my 3rd year in seniors if I played from the start anyways here are my point totals (I will only post events that add to my point total)


Tournament reports:

8/14/16 MIT lc (expanded):

There were no juniors, 4 seniors, and 13 masters seniors and masters were mixed. I played Yveltal Vileplume.

R1 vs. Anthony ??? (S) W/ nm
W 1-0-0
R2 vs. Erica ??? (M) W/ trees
W 2-0-0
R3 vs. Boden H. (S) W/ giraplume.
ID because he’s my brother, I was probably gonna win though.
R4 vs Ben C. (M) W/ yveltal
L 2-1-1
R5 vs ??? W/ MegaMan

1rst place +15cp.

I played Yveltal vileplume, and went 3-3. So I won’t go into detail.

R1 vs wobb mill (what?!)
R2 vs ToadTina
R3 vs ToadTina
R4 vs Trev (finally!)
R5 vs trev
R6 vs Night March/Bees

82nd place +0cp.

LC at MIT (expanded)

What I played was vespiplume because one of the best players in our area texted me he was gonna play toadbats. But then he didn’t show up.

R1 vs ??? W/ raikou/eels

I went first, got a good amount of Pokemon in the discard pile and plume out. He dead drew while I ko’d his 2 tynamos.
W 1-0
R2 vs ??? W/ turbo dark

He went first got decently set up, and passes. I start active oddish, played my hand down to 1 card, which was shaymin. I set up and drew a bunch of useless stuff (random Pokemon, but not the right combination to get plume, extra forest of giant plants, ect.)
L 1-1
R3 vs ??? W/ plasma
This player wasn’t very good, and he went second. A barely pulled this win off because both revitalizers were prized, and I never got plume out the whole game. It was just the decks sheer slowness and terrible prize trade that let me beat it.

W 2-1

R4 vs Boden h w/ latidonk

At this point, including me there were four 2-1’s, and 1 3-0. I thought if I played against the one 3-0, I might end up winning, but instead, I was down paired against my brother :frowning:. He went first but I started 3 combee, and starting t2, I absolutely destroyed him.

3-1, 3rd place, +10 cp.

LC at Comacazi, Somerville.

There were four seniors so we were mixed w/ Juniors. 3 of the 4 seniors were competitive, one being me, one being my brother, who was playing an extremely rogue deck for fun. I was playing Archie’s Toise because I didn’t feel like 5 points mattered too much.

R1 Vs. Spencer N. w/ Turbo Dark
I go first and open with 2 seekers, Jirachi active, Sycamore, 2 surperior energy retreival, and water energy, and topdeck water energy, so I miss archie’s. Instead I set up archies for the next turn, along with benching a Keldeo-EX. But then he gets a terrible start too and Hex’s which makes me not able to get archie’s, because it required Jirachi-EX. In result, all I do is attach my energy, and pass. He goes, and takes the KO on Jirachi. Then I get blastoise out, get 8 of my energies in my deck on a Keldeo-EX and attach energy pouch, and sweep 4 prizes, and 210 damage on a ffb’d Darkrai-EX w/ dark pulse. Then he Xerosic’s my Energy pouch, and takes the KO. I’m then in a bind, because during the game, I played 2 superior energy retrieval, so I’m stuck with 2 energy one attached to a keldeo, and a lysandre, and a 10 hp darkrai ex on his bench. hope he KO’s my regice I promoted, and I can hidden power w/ unown for game. I’m scared he’ll play lysandre, because reverse valley is in play, he has two prizes left, and he has oblivion wing yveltal active with 3 nrg’s attached for a darkness blade for game on a shay-bae, so I lysandre the Darkrai-Ex immediatly. He has less cards in his deck, and his last two dark energies are prized, so I deck him out.
W 1-0-0

R2 Vs Boden H. w/ Wormadam/Mothim

His deck is weird so I will explain it. He has the fighting type Wormadam, which is supposed to consistently two shot things, while moving damage off of wormadam with Mothim, then re-attaching focus sashes. Eventually, if you do that consistently enough, you may get to the point where you can use twin burst for 120 damage, plus strong energy, and fighting stadium.

I go first get turn one Archie’s, and sweep with take 4 prizes on Burmies with articuno, and killed a Shaymin-EX. I ID with him, because I was gonna Either play a Junior next round, or a bad senior. If he got second it would basically mean more packs for us, and 12 cp for him.

T 1-0-1

R3 Vs. Junior W/ DarkTinaGarb

This Junior was evidently terrible, due to the fact he didn’t even try to get Garb out, and must have misplayed 4 or 5 times in his short 3 or 4 turns of living.

W 2-0-1

1rst Place, +5 Cp

ARG circuit series, Springfield, MA. 12 Seniors. I played rainbow road with galvantula as my stage 1. Even though there was only ten people, the majority of them were really good.

R1 vs. Eamen J. W/ Volcanion.

I dead draw for a bit while he slowly kills me, but then I lysandre hoopa, use galvantula double thread a few times for two prizes, then topdeck sycamore, get away from dead draw, and lysandre two turns in a row taking two prizes each time.
W 1-0

R2 Vs. Boden H. W/ Darkbox/Mew/A 1 of Jolt tech

I start well going first, but then he lysandres a benched xerneas w/ nothing on it, and night frights away, while also killing Volcanion ex. I lysandre jolt and kill it, then he takes ko. I galvantula double thread two shaymin, setting up for win next turn, but then he ninja boys one out. Next turn I take one ko on the shay, but he ko’s my galvantula, with a non-ex, and I can’t kill it and he lysandres a shay for game.

L 1-1

R3 vs. Connor P. W/ Rainbow Road/Galvantula.

I draw poorly while he consistently KO’s me starting t2, eventually I topdeck sycamore, then immediately get started rainbow forcing, and begin equal prize trade, only after he is ahead by 2. When he has 3 prizes, I play N and parralel city, putting him at dead draw with no way to one-shot me. I just sweep from there.

W 2-1

R3 vs. Gabe S. W/ Volcanion

I absolutely dead draw for like three turns, but he starts Volcanion ex and gets everything on his bench absolutely set up, but prizes all his switches and escape rope. I then absolutely oblitarate once I finally hit a draw supporter, only letting him take one prize total, and winning in about 3 turns.

W 3-1

I’m on top 4 w Spencer Perez-Dormitzer (made top 8 at worlds 2026), Ethan Perez-Dormitzer, and Ian Robb. I got 4th, and play vs. Ian.

Top 4 vs Ian R. W/ plume box
Game one I am able to win w/ jirachi. But he is able to absolutely obliterated are my games 2 and 3.

The final results were:
1rst Ian R. W/ plume box
2nd Spencer P. W/ Zoroark/Bees/Keys/Unown
3rd Ethan P. W/ exact same list as Ian R.
4th Wyatt H. (Me) W/ Rainbow Road

League Cup Update

I played a Mega Ray/Zoroark Deck.
The reason I played zoroark was for free retreat, extra stuff to bench (not that important), and for something to use while reviving from a parallel city.

The List:

16 seniors, 5 rounds, top cut of 4. Swiss rounds are single sets and top cut is series of 3

R1 vs. Boden Harris (my brother) w/ Gardevoir (brilliant arrow)
This matchup is kind of one sided and it was sad that I had to face my brother. I really just destroyed him even though he drew perfect. I feel bad for him as he only played one of the many plume decks that day, and that’s what it was metagamed for. The one time he played a plume deck he prized lots of things.
W 1-0

R2 vs. Brian ??? w/ LuraPlume (ish)
I think this guy played against a noob the first round because he wasn’t playing any shaymin EX’s. I hadn’t seen him before and I think that his friend just convinced him to go to a tournament with him, and gave him cards that he wasn’t using.
W 2-0

R3 vs. Spencer Nebauer w/ Mega Mewtwo EX/Garb with a wobb or two.
Thank god he didn’t start wobb. That would’ve ruined me. Instead I got turn two (I went second) 8 benched and only a 60 damage on his active mewtwo EX. Then I was at dead draw, aside from setting up a ray and using lysandre. I would have done 240 but instead he parallel citied me and I actually ended up advancing zoroark and taking a knockout with that. Then I was out of shaymins because of one prized and I played city and I drew hoopa and sky field off prizes. Then Zoroark got knocked out. Then, I drew vs seeker, got brocks grit, played it to put 6 basics back, and then hoopad and eventually set up a mega ray for 240, which he couldn’t KO but could reduce my damage to 150. Then I lysandred Shaymin for game.
W 3-0

R4 vs. Gabe S. W/ Turbo Dark but with 1 wobb 2 hex and 2 parallel cities.
We ID’d because even if I did lose the next round, I had a good chance at cut, because there would be 1 3-0-2 (Gabe), and 4 3-1-1’s.
T 3-0-1

R5 vs. Zachary A. W/ Decidueye Plume (3-1)
He didn’t want to ID even after we found out I’d go first, so we played it out. I drew a perfect hand and ended on my one hex, and that should explain it to you.
W 4-0-1

1rst seed Wyatt Harris (me) 4-0-1
2nd seed Gabe S. 3-0-2
3rd seed Connor P. 3-1-1
4th seed Ethan P. 3-1-1

I was deeply hoping to face Connor because he was playing volcanion, which is pretty much a dream matchup. Instead I faced Ethan w/ Decidueye

T4 Vs Ethan P. W/ Decidueye
Game 1 I go first but and on Dead draw and he wrecks
Game 2 I go first and he dead draws so I wreck
Game 3 He goes first, could have donked my lone zorua but didn’t and it’s my turn, I get a perfect set up minus a mega turbo and sky field, then pass. He puts damage on my ray instead of zorua so it lives, and he has two decidueye and a Lugia with a DCE, and then it’s my turn, I set up ray and add sky field and a basic then take a knock out. Then he enhanced hammers, and plays FOGP, and N’s to put me to mega turbo, dark energy, spirit link, and another ray. I get 150 more damage off with my active ray with my energy and turbo, but then he knocks it out and I dead draw the rest of the game.
LWL Top 4 + 35 CP.

League Cup at Brockton
8 seniors top 4 get points no top cut😰
this tournament was so tiny that it was kind of rediculous, and we only played three rounds. The tournament was expanded, and I played an Mega Ray deck.

R1 vs Coby ??? With LuraPlume.
He went first got turn one plume then N’d me into four items and two Pokemon and I didn’t draw a non-item the rest of the game.
L 0-1

R2 vs Bye
It was pretty much an autowin for me.
W 1-1

R3 vs fairies
I went second. He sycamores benches xerneas, passes. I get turn one 210 and end on hex. He passes and I take the xerneas out for game.
W 2-1 4th place +35 CP

What was wobbuffet mill?

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A weird deck that beat me by starting wobbs, so no shaymin and plume is useless, and then trick shovel, handy work, and energy denial.

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O nvm then that wasn’t Wobb mill that was wailord ex/random stalling thingies.

What? I guess I played wobb as a main starter, but I also played wailord and aegi

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So, was it you or not? Do you remember playing against Wyatt?

I mean, it was definetly me, but I’m just saying that it wasn’t only wobb in the deck.

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Then it wasn’t true quad Wobb. Quad Wobb uses target whistle/poke puff and Lysandre to stall out the opponent with energy denial.

But that was my main strategy too. I think we are saying the same thing, but I just played the deck a little differently from how 6p wrote it.

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It was you actually, how did you end up doing?

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3-3, won my last round v trev

LC update! 20202020202020

Arg circuit series in Springfield MA!!!

I haven’t updated in a while, and forgot to put up two LC wins so now I’m at 60 points. I also flopped at philly with joltplume. I’m planning on going to an league cup not this weekend by next weekend, and I have an interesting deck up my sleeve for it.

League Cup update up above!

League Cup Update!!!