XtremeFate's Not so Good 2015-2016 Season! CP-464

Time for my first season I’m going for Worlds in!

League Challenges: | 15 | 15 | 15 | 15 | 12 | 12 |
City Championships: | 50 | 50 | 30 | 30 |
Regionals/States: 100 | 70 | 50 | x |
Nationals: | x |
Worlds: | x |

ELO: 1831.23

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Where’s the second league challenge report?

Gonna add it in the morning.

Where is it?

Sorry for the push, I just realm like tournament reports.

@jirachi123 There you go.

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Updated with another LC! Sorry I haven’t been to many events. I don’t feel like adding Regionals because I didn’t do good (4-2-1 off a win-and-in loss to my best matchup).

I feel your pain…

Updated with an LC and a Cities!

How’d you do at VA, @XtremeFate?

Also, how many players were there? Was there a decrease in expected attendance due to cost?

101 Seniors. Expected around 80 (normal) but since it’s the only regionals of the weekend we had more. I ended up going 4-3 with Toad/Bats/Xerosic (same list my friend Damian Jakubowski took to top 4). Started off 2-0, then I lost to Jon Eng’s Trevenant/Accelgor deck on a really iffy play in the end. Obviously, I’m the next toad player to fall victim to Sceptile.dec, after winning game one with Mewtwo. Won the next one, then lost to Yveltal on dead draws. Then played against Mega Mewtwo X to get myself 28th place.

Looking back on it, I don’t think I could’ve done anything better, I just needed better luck with pairings. I still had a great weekend, had fun hanging out with Damian Jon and Tanner. Rip @DatPiplup though. We thought the curse was broken, but it wasn’t.

All I can say is that I cry everytiem.

What was the “shady” play Jon made exactly?

i know jon eng personally he is not a shady person on the contrary i think hes very sunny

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@Dweinhardt Shady probably wasn’t the right word to describe it, since it was most likely a fault on my part. Jon kindly apologized afterwards, but I really don’t know everything that happened. I went through his discard multiple times checking to make sure there were 3 float stone in there, and I counted 3, putting them on the bottom to make sure. So, I proceeded to Xerosic the “last” float stone off of his active Trevenant and pass. Then, he drops another float stone, then retreats into Accelgor to deck and cover for game. I asked how he had another, and when I searched his discard, I only found the 3 I found earlier. I didn’t call a judge since I had no way to prove anything, so I would’ve lost the ruling anyways. It could’ve been a miscount of the floats, but I still don’t think so. Jon is a very nice and honorable player in my opinion though, so I believed him.

A better word probably would’ve been iffy.

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I feel your pain. I’m sorry for your bubble.

He bubbled because he lost round one to his brother, who went 1-5-1.

I didn’t need to hear that… That was just… Painful.

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Won another LC, 3-0 played combined with masters! I’m probably gonna stop writing play-by-play reports here too by the way.

Just won NY States with Trevenant, I’ll write a separate report.


Got top 4 in North Carolina, after an insane 10-0 individual game run I get quickly benched in top 4. I played Trevenant once again.