XtremeFate's 2016-2017 Pokemon Season (Masters)! 60/500

So, here’s my 2017 season thread! Hopefully I can get my invite for my first year in masters!

League Challenges:
Summer: 10 | 10
Fall: x | x
Winter: x | x
Spring: x | x

League Cups:
Summer: Challenge | Challenge
Fall: x | x
Winter: x | x
Spring: x | x

Regionals/Worlds 2016: 40 | x | x | x | x | x | x | x
Intercontinentals: x


Got third at an lc with Wobbuffet/Accelgor, here’s how it went!

R1 Bye!
R2 vs. Jonathan Scott w/ Yveltal L (got donked after ghetsis lab)
R3 vs. Joseph McLean w/ Dark Tina W
R4 vs. Justin Knowles w/ Greninja W
R5 vs. Igor Costa w/ Volcanion W (real close!)

Congrats man. Few people can say they have beat this man :wink:

I’m sure more than a few can say that but congrats nonetheless @XtremeFate

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I was hoping someone would imply that I meant more than 3.

Almost misplayed myself out of the win after I played a late game colress, but I hit him with a Ghetsis to trash his last seeker so I could win off of a couple more deck and covers.