Xerneas Break // PRC-on


Do you mean Umbreon-GX? Because Espeon-GX does not deal damage to benched Pokemon, so Mr. Mime wouldn’t do anything to protect against it. Divide GX places damage counters, something Mr. Mime can’t stop.


Yes umbreon dumb auto correct


Actually, my last post just states general facts about xern and XB, elaborates on what the “fragility” is refering to, and exlpains why/how I believe it is possible to combat the problem. Yes, one shortcoming of XB is the potential to be overrun in the midgame. But I get the feeling you didn’t read it and just assumed my last post was all belligerent defense of xerneas break.


I have been pretty inactive in the pokemon tcg world in the last couple of weeks, but this “project” is still going ->

Klefki seems to be more useful than jirachi considering it’s job in the deck. I was sceptical when it was first pointed out to me, but the keys have grown on me.

As always, op is in a state of perpetual update if anyone actually cares (I feel like I’m just using it as a private logbook at this stage)


I don’t personally believe this deck could become popular and won large tournaments, but I may suggest playing sylveon GX with this when it comes out.