Xerneas BKT Variants // PRC-on

4 Xerneas (rainbow force)
2-2 Galvantula (grass & electric)
2-2 Bisharp (dark & metal)
2 shaymin ex
1 volcanion ex (fire & water)

4 sycamore
3 N
2 Bridgette
1 Lysandre
1 Teammates

2 Silent Lab
1 Parallel city

4 Trainer’s mail
3 ultra ball
3 vs seeker
3 float stone
2 fighting fury belt
2 switch
3 max elixir

7 fairy energy

This is my list for the deck commonly known as Rainbow Road. There are many ways to play this deck, but I have found that this works really well. With a galvantula, bisharp, volcanion, xerneas, and shaymin, on your bench, you can hit for 250 (or 260 with fighting fury belt). Not needing skyfield allows you to get creative with your stadium choice. I went for stadiums that would hinder the opponent’s set up (Or damage output in the case of raquaza and m gardevoir).

To prepare this list for expanded, I take out an N and put in computer search. (If there is something I should be putting in for expanded that I am forgetting, advice would be appreciated.)

So yeah. There you have it.
What do you think about the deck or my list?

1, 2, 3, discuss!

You should definitely be playing 4 ultra ball and 4 vs seeker. There’s no reason not to. Also, do you really need 2 switch AND 3 float stone? It seems a bit overkill.

Also, how do you stream attackers? You have to rely on hitting max elixir every time or you miss a turn of attacking. And what happens after you use up your three max elixirs? You’re stuck powering up one attacker every two turns and your opponent would have an easy chance to outspeed you. I recommend exp. share.

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That makes sense. I will take out the switch and put in an ultra ball and vs seeker.

But would you recommend it over fighting fury belt?
Because I can’t attach 2 tools, and that extra 40 damage saves me quite often.
If I ran 4 max elixir it would be better, yes?
Maybe take out a Bridgette?

You have no space to run enough energy for Max Elixir to work. It’s too tempromental.

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I would agree with taking out a Bridgette. Draw supporters or bust.

If you’re feeling particularly edgy, you could run the new Weavile instead of Bisharp to let you swap out your exp. shares for fighting fury belts after your opponent KOs your active.

Weavile sounds too inconsistent and situational. I’d rather have the extra 30 damage honestly.

I made the changes of:
-2 switch
-1 Bridgette
-1 N
+1 ultra ball
+1 vs seeker
+1 max elixir
+1 computer search

And got 2nd at an expanded league challenge!
(I didn’t know it was expanded until I got there so I just switched n out)

This is prc-on rainbow road, not blw-on rainbow road.


Now with Karen being capable of providing Xerneas with sustainable firepower, can Hoopa-EX and friends gain the upper hand over Stage-1 dual-types?

Major dilemmas I have been faced with:

  • Flygon-EX instead of Giratina-EX?
  • 1-1 / 2-1 / 2-2 Galvantula STS instead of Jolteon-EX?
  • Olympia instead of Switch?
  • More / less consistency cards?

Critiques are appreciated.

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You need more bench sitters. Play Rainbow energy so that you can actually attack with them, and double up on the more useful ones like Jolteon-EX. Also, Glaceon-EX would probably be a very good card to play.

Look at it this way: The only reason to play EXs for this deck at this point is because they are searchable with Hoopa-EX. At least get them able to attack, or play normal pokemon in stead.


Play Kingdra EX instead of Giratina. It can clear a Parallel City for a single energy.


I would go with a 2-2 Galvantula line. It helps a ton with hitting insane numbers early. Sometimes if your opponent benches two Shaymin you can setup two Galvantula and take 4 prizes with ease. Also not sure why you’re running Elixir, you only have 7 Basic.

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I’d be careful with dual types. From testing the hoopa variant is far better, I think your list is in the right direction - far more than the more commonly seen lists

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Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Simply put, Max Elixir enables Turn-1 Rainbow Road. There are certain matchups (e.g. Volcanion STS, anything with Hammers, and anything with both Garbodor BKP and Parallel City) where taking Prizes early can be decisive.

Running 7 basic Energy in a 60-card deck, according to the Charizard Lounge, still leaves the hit rate of Max Elixir higher than 50%. With the help of Hoopa-EX and 3 Shaymin-EX ROS, the player can usually dig deep into their deck, come up with multiple copies of Max Elixir while setting up a big Bench, and thereby deliver a Turn-1 knockout to their opponent.

Rainbow Energy is compatible with neither Max Elixir nor Exp. Share. Using Jolteon-EX and Glaceon-EX to attack is also not very effective when every deck that otherwise lacks an answer to them can simply include Pokemon Ranger as a hard counter.

I never knew Kingdra-EX had such an attack. Thanks for the notice!

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I was actually hyping Kingdra-EX for this very reason before it released, because stadium control is so relevant and this guy’s basically splashable in anything; even moreso with Ninja Boy in format to help get him out of the way once his job is done.

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If the turn one rainbow road is so vital, why leave it to 50/50 chance? It’s also important to stream energy Late game, which I don’t see as realistic as with 10,11, or 12 energy.

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Since you are running multiple ex attackers anyway, maybe you could up the basic energy count by adding in energy for your bench sitters as well as raise max elixir probability, then use Smeargle BKT to get whatever energy you need on the field.

Also, a special charge couldn’t hurt in here I think.

Wouldn’t it be better to run rainbow energy in that case?

Can’t Max elixir rainbow energy


50/50 against an otherwise bad matchup is still better than an auto loss. Late-game Energy streaming does not really matter when (a) there is no late game as the opponent quickly wins the Prize race and (b) the combo of Parallel City and Garbotoxin prevents the player from dealing enough damage for a knockout.

Garbotoxin can mess it up though. There is also a lack of Basic attackers capable of countering major threats of the deck (e.g. Volcanion STS, M Scizor-EX, M Mewtwo-EX BKT 64, etc.) effectively.

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Is there any way for this deck to beat Jolteon/Vileplume box decks?