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Fairy types haven’t been much of a big deal in the past when it comes to the TCG. The fairy type had just come out to balance out the typing chart for the Video Game. They had strength against more commonly used Pokémon, such as Dark and Dragon types, but had weaknesses to uncommonly used Pokémon, such as Poison and Steel types. This made a big difference in the metagame for VGC, but not much for TCG.
The only Pokémon that actually had a chance was Aromatisse, but that was wiped away when Prism was flushed down the toilet. Let’s look at Aromatisse.

Aromatisse, the fragrance Pokémon, was mixed in with a little too many decks when it came to the TCG, but one deck it fit in well with was Team Plasma Kyurem. This deck was like getting buried 6 feet under for some, and when Aromatisse came out, this deck was like hell for some. Let’s look at an original deck list and explain the strategy, before I go any further.

Pokémon (14):
3 Kyurem PLF
2 Aromatisse XY
2 Spritzee XY
3 Deoxys EX/4 Deoxys EX
3 Thundurus EX /2 Thundurus EX
1 Virizion EX/1 Keldeo EX
Trainers (34):
3 Muscle Band/3 Silver Bangle
3 Float Stone
3 Ultra Ball
3 Pokémon Catcher
2 Tool Scrapper
1 Dowsing Machine
4 Colress Machine
4 Professor Sycamore/Juniper
3 N
1 Colress
3 Skyla
2 Shauna
2 Frozen City
Energies (12):
4 Prism Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Plasma Energy

The original strategy of the deck was to discard energies with Ultra Ball, and get them back onto your Pokémon with Thundurus. With Thundurus’s attack Raiden Knuckle, you would get your energies onto Kyurem, and start wrecking your opponent with Frost Spear and Blizzard Burn. Deoxys would power up your Kyurem with its ability, making it almost unstoppable. Blizzard Burn would not let you attack your next turn, so you’d Rush In and retreat with Keldeo and Float Stone. With Silver Bangle, it was a guaranteed OHKO on all other EX Pokemon. The deck was nearly unstoppable.
Virizion/Genesect started to rise, and it just ruined Plasma Kyurem, making it go back to Tier 2. Soon released Aromatisse, and it changed the metagame’s view on Plasma Kyurem.
Aromatisse lets you move Fairy energies from each of your Pokémon to another, making Plasma rise back to its amazing state. Rainbow and Prism energies could be moved from one Pokémon to another, making it easier for Kyurem to power up.
This deck became a Tier 1 deck, but soon Next Destinies was rotated out, removing Prism Energy, and the nerf on Pokemon Catcher did its toll on Plasma. Finally, Plasma Kyurem was destroyed, and it was never used correctly ever again.
Sniff Liek if U Cri Evryteem. Sniff
Muffled Sad Noises
Anyways! Into the future we go!!! WOOPIE!

Aromatisse In XY5, Primal Clash
Finally, Primal Clash has come out, and now there are dozens of different decks being built off of the great stadiums, supporters, items, and especially the Pokémon. EX’s in particular.
A lot of the Pokémon or EX’s seem like they would have a great effect on certain decks. For example, Aggron EX in Bronzong/Aegislash/Dialga, and Medicham with Multi Strike in Fighting Decks. But, after looking at the list of cards, I created my evil plot to wipe out the entire race of Dragons and Yveltal with this deck. Introducing…. Xerneas/Aromatisse/Gardevoir.

Don’t you dare start laughing. This is legitimately valid stuff right here.
Before giving a list, let’s take a look at the newest and most coveted EX from the Primal Clash expansion,
Gardevoir, her attacks, and a way she can be used in today’s metagame.

Now before you begin thinking about all those Gardevoir pictures, let’s make this quick.

Gardevoir EX has two moves, one of them noticeable in particular.
The first move, Life Reeve, does 20 damage for one energy, and you heal the amount of HP equal to damage done. Not bad, but it is not too powerful. Her second attack, though, is a force to be reckoned with. It’s called Shining Wing. For three fairy energy cards the attack does 100 damage, and Gardevoir EX has no weakness for the next turn. That a good attack when facing Bronzong, if you ask me. This move can be used to guard Gardevoir from Metal Type decks.
It doesn’t OHKO EXs, yes, but her Mega Evolution is another force to be reckoned with.

Dat Full art tho. #2Majestic5Mi
Mega Gardevoir EX has 210 HP, and one attack that is amazing. It’s called Brilliant Arrow. For three energies, one of them being Fairy, it does 30 damage for each Fairy energy attached to each of your Pokémon. That’s right, every single one of them. This strategy could be used in many ways, but the Pokémon it works great with is Xerneas. Normal Xerneas, not Xerneas EX.
Xerneas’s attack, Geomancy, lets you search your deck for 2 Fairy Energies and lets you attach them to your Pokémon. This was a valid strategy with Mewtwo, but works better with Gardevoir.
Finally, Aromatisse. Need to move your energies because of your damage? No problem. Aromatisse moves any type of Fairy Energy from one Pokémon to another.
So finally, the list you’ve all been waiting for. Here you go!

Pokémon (13):
3 Gardevoir EX
2 Xerneas (XY)
2 Mega Gardevoir EX
2 Spritzee
2 Aromatisse
2 Mewtwo EX

Energies (14):
10 Fairy Energy and 4 Wonder Energy

Trainers (33):
3 Muscle Band
3 Startling Megaphone
3 Float Stone
3 Ultra Ball
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Computer Search
2 Teammates
2 Gardevoir Spirit Link
3 Professor Juniper/Sycamore
3 N/Shauna
2 Skyla
3 Lysandre
1 Xerosic
1 Fairy Garden
2 Shrine of Memories

There’s your list! I’ve discussed part of the strategy above, but let’s take a look at some of the newer or other cards.

First up, Shrine of Memories! http://www.serebii.net/card/primalclash/139.jpg
Memory Shrine is a Stadium Card that acts the same way as Celebi EX from BW: Boundaries Crossed. It lets you use the attack of a Pokémon’s past evolution, as long as it has the necessary energy. For example, Gourgeist can use Pumpkaboo’s Night March attack, and Mega Evolutions can use their past attacks. Gardevoir EX’s second attack is good against Metal Type decks, because it removes the Steel Type weakness. Most of the moves would OHKO Mega Gardevoir EX wouldn’t if the Shrine was in play.

Next, Gardevoir’s Spirit Link. Very simple; Gardevoir can Mega Evolve without your turn ending. This’ll let you get possibly a Turn 2 Brilliant Arrow on Mega Gardevoir EX. http://www.serebii.net/card/primalclash/130.jpg

Back from HGSS-Triumphant in a new form, Teammates!

The card, Teammates, is a new supporter card that has a similar effect to Twins from the HGSS expansion. If a Pokémon in your last turn was knocked out, you can search your deck for any 2 cards, without your opponent seeing them! There are many cards to look for, but Xerosic is also a valid option in the Seismitoad/Garbodor matchup. Choose what you think is better, and comment below your thoughts!

Finally, Wonder Energy. http://www.serebii.net/card/primalclash/144.jpg
Wonder Energy is the Fairy Type’s special energy. It prevents any effects of attacks (excluding damage) done to the Pokémon it is attached to. Note that it can only be attached to Fairy Type Pokémon, so it won’t be useful if you add it to Mewtwo EX.
Yes, Mewtwo is a useful tech in this deck. Just to counter other Mewtwo. Besides, who doesn’t like Mewtwo? Even if you don’t like the card, you know you loved Mewtwo when you first saw it.

I honestly think that with the release of Gardevoir EX, fairy types will have a chance to gain their rightful place in the TCG. What do you guys think? Comment below your suggestions, matchups, and other stuff! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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