Would this deck be okay for regionals(salt lake city) or not


This is an idea that formed from going to the Vegas Sun and Moon prerelease.
Please give suggestions.

2 lunala gx 66/149
2 cosmeom 65/149
2 cosmog 64/149
3 m mewtwo ex 64/162
3 mewtwo ex 52/108
2 bruxish 48/149
3 mewtwo spirit link
2 rare candy
3 trainers mail
3 mega turbo
4 ultra ball
4 professor sycamore
4 professors letter
2 float stone
2 n
3 shrine of memories
1 parallel city
1 super rod
9 psychic energy
4 double colorless energy

Please tell me if it’s any good.


Honest opinion: this is not good. You’d be better off just playing a straightforward m mewtwo deck


Thank you although it has done well so far when one m mewtwo is about to die just switch the energy(psychic) to another m mewtwo. Or lunala can lunar fall ex’s . It has won multiple league matches. Could you give specific reasons to change to a normal m mewtwo deck


Consistency, cost, lunaala is just gonna cost you extra money and it’s going to be really inconsistent.


i understand the consistency but cost your a little off I already have all of the cards in the decklist


k, but why the 4 letters and 2 bruxish, but no vs seeker and lysandre? try and exchange those for those. Bruxish isn’t really good. 4 Prof letter is too much, only play it as a one of if you are going too play it anyways. Maybe try and pickup 2 shaymins and maybe a hoopa ex while shaymins are cheap. without these inclusions, I can’t see this deck being that competitive. It might be that Im just REALLY picky with my lists.


I don’t believe the once speculated MmewtwoY-EX/Lunala-GX combo works as (unknown at the time of original speculation) Lunala is a stage 2. Mmewtwo-EX generally doesn’t worry so much about matchups where it gets 2-3HKO’d; kind of the point in using shrine of memories.
So this leaves the choice of which you want to focus on: If you can’t get shaymin-EX, I suggest Lunala-GX, making the line thicker and abusing tech psychic basics like Gallade-EX, mew EVO, mewtwo EVO, mewtwo-EX, natu ROS, wobbuffet, Espeon-EX, (Espeon-GX may be a bit too cloggy) in combination with max potion (the age old combo). Do note [c] attackers can also be comboed with lunala-GX.

As for suggestions: Increase rare candy counts, N count, add max potion, maybe add a tech oranguru (has a usable attack), add 4 vs seeker (please), add 2 Lysandre, add 1-2 exp. share, increase cosmog to 4, cosmeom 2-3 copies, lunala GX 3-4 copies, swap mega turbo for 3-4 max elixir, swap 1-2 float stone for escape rope, swap shrine of memories for potentially a 2nd parallel city (want to cut off your opponent’s ability to dump shaymin-EX/hoopa-EX) note silent lab is an option, remove mewtwo lines, remove prof letters, remove bruxish (???Not sure why its in here???), remove DCE.
N.B. ultra ball is still good within a format containing nest ball (could add 1-2 of them ontop of ultra balls tho)
N.B. try out both 1 Ace Trainer and 1-2 acro bike if there is space leftover.