Would anyone be interested in a live Chat Discussion Client Group?

I’ve created a RaidCall group, it’s just a team speak alternative with free server hosting included, with this application we could Theorymon, revise deck lists, discuss the Meta-game, etc. In other words this would make communication quick and anybody interested at anytime may login, so there is no time restriction.

Let me know what you think,

thank you.

Could be pretty dope if enough people got involved. Were you thinking this would be for 6P members only or the TCG community in general?

It would be SixPrize Members only, since I posted this on behalf of Sixprizes. I suppose we should just wait until the Mods decide what their opinion is on this idea.

You’re going to have to explain what RaidCall is because I’ve never heard of it. We don’t get that much interaction here on the forums, so I doubt a program people would have to download and only works on Windows would catch on.

Hi adam, RaidCall is a program designed for groups, it is designed for users to Login and Chat Via microphone and also provides a text window at the bottom. It is password protected. The password to join the group would be provided here, you then would log-on and be able to communicate within a large group of people, you can also private chat with single users and create sub sections for the category you wish to chat about.

Here is a link to RaidCall’s website that will explain it in a bit more detail. Granted yes it is a downloadable Client but it extremely flexible, just check the Facts section.


Our next option is to use RealTime Chat Client that is web-based and requires some configuration and server hosting. I would have no problem creating a server if you think this is more along the lines of what your looking for.


Those things might be ok if you have a small, close-knit team, but I don’t think they’re things people in general would want to use. There was a group of members that used Google Hangouts periodically and some people chatted on Skype, but that’s about it. I don’t think you need anything that complicated to communicate with people.

Google Hangout’s is fine, I just think that a chatroom would be useful for the community as a whole. Maby I’m looking at it the wrong way, I understand where your coming from though, I appreciate it.