Worlds 2016 Discussion

There isn’t really a dedicated worlds thread so I’ll drop this here:

Congrats to @OshaWaterBottle, @JoshF, @smashandslash, @ShealynMillay, @XtremeFate and @Jirachi123 for making it to day 2!


Was a little closer than I’d liked, but still made it.


@thegrovylekid I made it at 4-2 with vespiplume, maybe I’ll do well tomorrow too

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Congrats on the placings. Any chance of finding out about how UK Masters are doing at all please? Am interested to find out who I know has made it to day 2.

Also what’s the Worlds merchandise ie playmats etc look like? Don’t think anyone has posted pictures at all yet apart from the plushie Pikachu.

Any idea on how that M Audino deck did?


This is why I want to know about. It’s pretty much the only deck I care about that’s being used at world’s lol.

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Tomoya Sakurai [JP] — 3/1/3 (12)

That was the Mega Audino player on stream.

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Anybody know what happened after he max elixired onto his M Audino?

Don’t have venue access today, so I can’t provide updates.

Jacob Lesage was selling some custom damage counters that my parents 3d Printed, but they wouldn’t let him sell them inside the venue so he was selling them just outside the venue. Anyways, he’s competing today because he got a day 1 bye, but he’ll probably be back selling them tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

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They had backtracked most of the game and after that the Night March player conceded after benching a 4th Pokemon with parallel city facing her with the 3 benched Pokemon effect. She probably conceded the game because both of them both misplayed and just made the game quite complicated.

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Any update on top 8 in any division? Stream I can see is on Pokken right now.

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Connor played toad bats somehow beat two waterbox and a metal
I played Bunnelby Houndoon Vileplume went 3-4 and got 72nd lol. Got kinda sacked


Does anybody know what Shintaro Ito (Master) was playing?

M Audino-EX:


Apparently first seed in top 8 is Yanmega…

In Seniors Division or Juniors Division?

Connor won, the Indonesian won, the Brazilian won, tanner and Jesper are in game three

UPDATE: Jesper won

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Masters Top 4
Ross Cawthon (Vespiquen/Octillery) VS. Cody Walinski (Greninja)
Shintaro Ito (Mega Audino) VS. Samuel Hough (Vileplume Toolbox)

I can hear yelling from two flights of escalators and a hallway down from where I am.

But I can guess it isn’t for TCG…