WONDER energy ^⨀ᴥ⨀^


No, it doesn’t block damage.


Can you please give more information on this please? Just lost at my weekly league because of this and being told that it doesn’t do damage to the bench because apparently that’s an effect of the main attack!


The card says “except damage” which includes not only the base damage but any damage done through the effect of the attack as well. if it says “this attack does _____ damage to one of the opponents benched pokemon”, this counts as doing damage and therefore not stopped. Trevenant BREAK’s Silent Fear, however, is blocked by wonder energy as it says “damage counters”


Thanks you very much for getting back to me over this. Really annoyed right now!


Ruling errors happen all the time. Ross Gilbert once wrote of losing a match because his opponent was allowed to discard a special energy for “Dragon Burst”.