WONDER energy ^⨀ᴥ⨀^


It says prevent all effects of attacks. I’m just wondering, does this stop quaking punch??


It says “all effects done to the (y) Pokemon this card is attached to.”

Quaking Punch isn’t done to the Pokemon, it’s done to the opponent. Doesn’t stop it.


One other question, does it stop m heracross’ “180 -” effect


No because it’s damage and Wonder Energy only blocks effects not damage.


And you can’t attach Wonder Energy to Mega Heracross.


No, by that I meant if M gardevoir was attacked by a M heracross, would it still subtract, or would I take the full 180 even if he were damaged.


This energy is amazing though. Its really underatted being able to move energy to the active to remove status conditions eg. Poison, sleep from hypnolaser. Will be a huge boost the deck needed. + we get gravador ex however you spell it.


Can’t be Geomancy’d and is very vulnerable to Enhanced Hammer. In Gardevoir decks you want to keep your Energy in play to be able to consistently get OHKO’s. When your opponent can remove your Energy without a flip, it’s not gonna be very good. It’s an interesting card, I’ll give you that. But it’s just so vulnerable to Enhanced Hammer and that’s why it probably won’t see play.


I agree man, but I think there will be room for 1 maybe 2. Because once there in play they wont really be leaving because you can move them to a safe place on the bench when not in use. But yeah no geomancy suck of course.


The effects of Hypnotoxic Laser will pass through Wonder Energy for coming from a Trainer Card instead of an attack, and moving Wonder Energy around will not remove existing effects.

Fairy-type Pokemon with Omega Barrier do not exist. No safe place really.

As things stand now, it is pretty safe to say that Wonder Energy is not worth running in M Gardevoir-EX decks.


Thanks for the info! Thats fair enough then c:


Geomancy says a fairy energy and right in the top it has a fairy symbol, it isn’t basic, but it is a fairy energy to be geomancy’ed


Wrong. Read Wonder Energy. “this only provides (y) Energy while attached to a (y) Pokemon.” It is not (y) Energy while in the deck.


No, Wonder Energy provides Fairy Energy only while it is attached to a Pokemon. It provides nothing while it is in the deck, thus cannot be picked up by Geomancy. The symbol is meaningless.


The ONLY thing Wonder Energy is good for is preventing additional effects of attacks that would cause status conditions (Deck and Cover, for example…and yes, I know it is not currently in the Standard format, just an example that many would recognize), and effects that would make Pokemon switch, not be able to attack the following turn (Iron Breaker or Chrono Wind), etc… Trainer cards like Laser, Escape Rope, Lysandre, etc, will all work, as will any attack that places an effect on the player (The original question).

Add that to the fact that Geomancy won’t find it, and any potential issues that might come up with Fairy Transfer (like misplays going to a non-(y) Pokemon, or even the act of transferring itself considering that it only provides (y) energy when ATTACHED to a (y) Pokemon)…and you have a card that should see very little play.


Honestly I would make this card into a necklace, wear it, and some bunny ears so I would count as the “fairy pokemon”

Take that toad :stuck_out_tongue:


Prepare 4, and maybe study some martial arts as well. You never know when you would get enhanced hammered, maybe even with an actual hammer :p.


you can geomancy a pokemon with wonder energy because it says:
Prevent all effects of your OPPONENT’S attacks,not just attacks.


He meant geomancy the energy from the deck to that Pokemon, not that Pokemon with Geomancy can’t be the target of geomancy.


Does wonder energy stop the 30 damage done to a benched Pokemon by Palkias pearl hurricane!