Wobbuffet PHF, Crobat PHF, Bursting Balloon Variants // XY-on 2016


Greninja BREAK
M Sceptile
Mega Man (certain variants)
Mega Ray

And I’m sure that there’s more.


Clunkiness pretty much


Hmm, no. NM loves to kill Hoopa.


“no more” then they like to kill alakazam


You’d be surprised. They still can get 4 marchers in the discard in order to Lysandre OHKO Alakazam ex. Mega evo takes 5 marchers and a belt. They can do it very easily. They can even play a catcher on the Kazam and then sycamore to find compressors and ultra balls and other marchers.


I think that the moral of the story is to stick with Wobbuffet/Mewtwo


Just don’t play wobb/bats, deck is awful


That’s a worse deck that wobbats.


—Just realising that this isn’t the Trev thread—
I was very confused as to why people were putting M Alakazam into Trev…


I Love this Deck. It’s cheap and reliable. But I would take out AZ, Shauna, and put in 2 Miltanks (FLF) and 1 more Super Scoop up.


It is a Super Scoop Up without the flip
Great if you are playing bats.


Yeah, but it takes up the supporter for the turn when you could play a wally


Why would you play a Wally in s bats deck?