Wishiwashi Reuniclus Expanded


Wishiwashi has 30 hp and has an ability that lets you discard all cards attached to it and return it to your hand. With Reuniclus from BLW you can move 20 damage counters to wishiwashi use its ability put it into your and play it down again. You could loop this multiple times so infinite heal pretty much.
Any ideas?


You need some form of attacker, so play something that is versatile or play walls. (Regice, Jolteon EX, Glaceon EX, Pidgeot EX, or else play something like toad or Yveltal or mewtwo or Zygarde.


Forgot to mention this, if no attacker, play a playset of Wailord.


Toad seems fun. But this with wailord defeats the point of wailord


Keep in mind that it has to be in play for a turn before healing it.


Like if you think this will win a regionals.
(It won’t)


This isn’t social media kid.


Highlighting this - since its unfortunately true. They included this clause into wishiwashi so you can’t pick it up infinitely sadly


Really? I guess so never mind then


Not entirely sure why this thread isn’t dead considering it’s about healing 20 damage every turn using a 30 HP pokemkn


it’s healing everything every turn, though [quote=“jirachi123, post:11, topic:10266”]
Not entirely sure why this thread isn’t dead
because it’s using a stage 2 in a format that craps all over stage 2s.


This is your worst attempt yet.


No, it heals 80 damage every turn.


can we delete this thread because as Xabalanque mentioned there is a clause in wishiwashi preventing infinite heal


But you can still cycle 40 instead of 80 which every turn is still decent. But true, that clause does greatly effect the deck idea and probably the entire archetype. I was gonna say that you could use max potions, but then I realized that then it defeats the entire purpose of this… thing. But I am not saying it can’t win St. Louis…


It’s a stage two and 4 30 HP basics that take up 5 benched spots. It is doomed to fail.


Stop. Anyone who still believes in this deck is kidding themselves.


just delete this thread


I think that we should just delete this too now that i think of it bad because of the inconsistency. No more hopes for St. Louis then.


I still believe in this deck.