Will Karen be a total gamechanger?


I’m debating with myself whether or not Karen will be a total gamechanger. Obviously it will for Night March and Vespiquen. But what about other decks? Which do you think will benefit? Which will not?

I was thinking that Trevenant and Greninja will benefit in order to continue to stream attackers? And Mega Ray and Rainbow Road might benefit in order to restore the bench after Parallel City.

Is this a card that eventually everyone will run?

What do you all think?


Isn’t Night March rotated out of relevance now?


Expanded format

That being said, mega Ray becomes much better in expanded IMP


Karen doesn’t help greninja because then you are forced to shuffle back in Talonflames, which are useless unless you start with one. The other ones belong in the discard pile. Though, I see that if you don’t run Talonflames you don’t need it


If you don’t run Talonflames you don’t need it either, cause you’d not have that great a record and would probably drop at some point in the tournament.

Case in point: Karen ain’t that great for Greninja BREAK


Night March is expanded now


Thank you for that insightful knowledge.