Why is tcgo so bad


I cannot describe to you how bad TCGO is.

Does anyone feel the same way?

I used to play 3-4 hours a day and get 20-30 games in. Now I can barely stomach 1 game.

The animation is stupid and the layout is childish.

I literally stopped playing the day the new update came out. I just played another match today it took me so long to complete the game because of the stupid animation.

I started playing HEARTHSTONE instead and the game is near perfect. It is much worthy of my time and money.

Let me know your thoughts!!!


Most 6P users have come to acquire TCGone. It is a free online site that has ALL cards pre-updated on it. Every foil card as well. There are a ton of players to play with too. It is a great site. Try it out!



The new graphics uptadte is pretty stupid just making it harder to play and watch. Something they do not want to do.


I quit using Tcgo because of this, but while TCGone is better, It is also incredibly bad. the lag is awful and so is the layout, the best way to playtest is IRL.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I beg to differ; it doesn’t have Jirachi XYPR67 or Tyrantrum EX on it, nor Pikachu EX for that matter. Or did it get updated again to put those in?


I would love to see that, but it’s a lot like PTCGO w/o Beach…it gives a warped view of what decks are good.