Who's Going To Worlds?

So, who’s going to Worlds in Boston MA this August? I will be for my first time so it will be a new experience for me. I will be staying in a rental across the river but should be around the venue most of the time as that is where all my UK folk are staying.

@pokemonguy (Senior)
@OshaWaterBottle (Senior)
@Dweinhardt (Senior)
@kazambolt (Master)
@JoshF (Senior)
@JStensrud (Master)
@KPiplup (Master)
@DeUltimateHomie (Senior)
@im_shiv_wbu (Senior)

Oh and also state what age division you are in so we can look for each other on the pairings.

Missed my shot, I’ll be cheering you guys on from the sidelines! :smiley:

I’ll be there. Hopefully won’t have to play the first day.

While I’d love to go I lack:

  1. Finances
  2. Physical cards
    3) Skill

Have a great time those who can go! :slight_smile:


I won’t be competing, but I’ll be there to spectate and play in side events as a Master! Living an hour away from the venue is quite convenient.

My son qualified (Junior). So we are planning on getting there. I was just a bit short of making it as a master (several hundred! - ha!)

I am.
Name: Kiernan Wagner
Division: Senior
CP: 310

I’ll be there (Masters), hoping to redeem my terrible first Worlds performance from last year.

If I can get my Invite at Nats (have 130) I’ll be there. If not, good luck to the rest of you!

Just top 16 at Nats and there ya go

I’ll be there!

Name: Josh Fernando
Division: Senior
CP: 680

I might be there. I need 16 more CP. I am in the senior division in CA, US.

I’m going to Worlds Abaan Ahmed Washington, Usa

I’ll be there. I’ve never been to Boston before so I’m looking forward to visiting a new city!

Will there be dice challenges this year? @Adam

I need to procure some dice first … but maybe!


I’d love to get some more 6P dice, i lost all of mine that I got when i bought a shirt :confused:
I’m going btw
Jack Stensrud

I’ll be there in Masters.

I’ll be there
Antonio Banyaga
senior 630/250