Who's going to U.S. Nationals?

Preregestration is up for the 2015 pokemon U.S. national championships! I’m going, who else is? Please state your name and division if you want so that we can find each other on the pairings!

Aaron Friedman, senior

I am most definitely going! :slight_smile:

Name:Evan Smith


Booked a few days ago.
James Horvath

I know you’re going, James. You won regionals, have a first and second round bye, are going for top 16 in the U.S., and said in a comment you were hoping for a travel award for nats. Hope to see you both there!

I’m going
Andrew Menza (shocking right?)

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Good luck all!

I mean it, even though only one can win, it is more fun when each player gets to really play. Can make it hard to keep the event running on time though.

Good luck and thanks all staff! :slight_smile:


Will be there :]

Alex Hill, Masters

Abaan Ahmed Senior will be there

Can’t wait, need T16 for my invite :frowning:

Charlie Lockyer, Senior

I’ll go since I have stipends and I only live about 5 hours away:]

Name: Kiernan Wagner
Division: Senior
CP: 310

I’m going.
Risking it all, and not forgetting the lessons that I’ve learned

Name: Brandon Ellis
Division: Masters (at age 15-- sucks right?)
CP: 48 :stuck_out_tongue:

Need t8 for invite :smiley:

I’ll be going for the first time.

Name: Javier Skwara
Division: Masters

I still have a lot of testing to do for this event!

Christian wybieracki masters

I’m going for first time as well.

Name: James Curtis
Division: Masters (LOL - started playing when I was 37 [which I am now])
CP: 40

Natu FTW. :laughing:

I’m going for my first time (first year playing Pokémon let alone competitive.
Jordan Soderling
Masters (at 15 which sucks)
And a grand total of 0CP and 10 play points. So I’m just gonna see how it goes.

Wow, many people are going to Nats with less CPs than I have! (25)
I have a 5% chance of going, I will post my info if the chance rises…

Division: Senior
Name: Tai Henrichs

Yay! There is a slightly better chance now that I will go!
Harrison Ing
25 CP