Who/What won States 2016

Washington Seniors

  1. Jasper P(Me) w/Trev
  2. Andy L w/ToadKing
  3. Abaan A @Thedarkknight w/YGG
  4. Shealyn M @ShealynMillay w/VespiPlume
  5. James L-Y w/Greninja
  6. Josh F @JoshF w/YZG
  7. Alex B @smashandslash w/Vespi Zoroark
  8. Sammy B w/ToadKing(same 60 as Andy)

Why hasn’t Pokemon.com updated with the winning decks from week 2 yet?

Do they ever post results from seniors?
Charizard lounge doesn’t seem to…

They might just not post more lists like they did for cities

Then why does it seem like they want to EG dropdown list with Week 1 on it?

Co States Senior Division

1st - Tony J. - Toad/Tina
2nd - Gabe B. - YZG
3rd - ??? - Vespiquen
4th - ??? - Mega Man/Ho-oh
5-8 - ??? Vileplume/Jolteon
5-8 - ??? Gyrados
5-8 - ??? YZG
5-8 - ??? Vespiquen

I’m sorry, but how did that make cut?

Also, I’m surprised that no night March made cut

Bubbled in at 8th. It got a bye and a no show.

Wow. That’s luck right there


No, that’s seniors states top cut.


Don’t generalize this to all seniors, it’s Colorado. There probably weren’t too many competitive players that went.

There probably weren’t too many competitive players that went to every stare seeing as there has been like, 10+ states every week.


Well when you have 50 states you need 50 States. :slight_smile:

Also, what do people in Hawaii do?
They have states right?
And a regionals for themselves?

Or just flights to California?

Can’t exactly rack up points by only staying in 1 state…

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Population of Hawaii: 1.42 Million
Population of California: 38.8 Million

Theoretically, there should be about 27 and a third times more players in California than in Hawaii.
So 27 times less competition when you play in Hawaii.

Or maybe they just don’t really play???

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I was in Hawaii (Oahu) during the first and second weekend of states, and I couldn’t find anything. I looked ahead of time because I would’ve brought a deck or two with me just for the giggles of it all, but Pokemon.com didn’t have anything on their tourney locater deal. Who knows, maybe they had one right after I left.

There was a hawaii states, I was skyping with Jacob Chen and he told me he was leaving to Hawaii for spring break and I told him to check for states. He did and was able to make it off the plane and to the event in time to only have a 1 round loss but he bubbled 3rd out of a 4 person states.

100 point LC?
That’s how they get their invites.


Except that happens once a year…

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But multiple cities which are 50 point LCs.
You get the idea, right?

I don’t think they had cities, Jacob said none of them had points before hand.

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