Who/What won States 2016

This is for results only, post top cut please.

Final results:
1st. Jon Eng with Trevenant BREAK
2nd. Luca Michelucci with Night March/Milotic
3rd. Logan Honts with Mega Manectric
4th. London Jones with Bunnelby/Malamar

Top 4 is Damian (Diggersby) vs. Zach (Night March/Puzzle) and Luke (Vespiquen) vs. @Phoenix15 (Houndoom)

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Alright, here’s what I can remember from MD Juniors:

  1. Georgia Honts - Mega Man/Wobb/Garb
  2. Walker Haliburton (?) - Yveltal Variant, unsure if Gallade was in
    3/4. Kyle Inman - Toadtina
    3/4. ??? - Mega Manectric

Zachary is a popular name in NJ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I won my top 8 match against Malamar/Darkrai (a guy who I actually played and beat the very first round of the whole thing)

Top 4 I think I’m playing night March. Or vespiquen. Can’t remember

Diggersby is still playing

Masters results were just posted

Update on Seniors.

I won again :slight_smile:
Defeated night March.

I’m either playing diggersby or vespiquen next

Congratulations to Damian!
He won NJ states just now playing diggersby.

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Been working with him all week on the list, nice job pulling through with it.

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PA States
Before cut
Jack w/MegaMan/Raikou/Jolteon
Alex w/MegaMan/Raikou/Jolteon
Sydney w/Yveltal
Micheal w/Bronzong/Lugia/Zoroark/Aegislash
Erin w/Lucario/Bats
Tyler w/MegaMan/Ho-Oh
Charles w/Pyroar/Charizard/Entei
Carter(me) w/Manectric/Bats

After Cut
Tyler w/MegaMan/Ho-Oh
Carter w/Manectric/Bats
Alex w/MegaMan/Raikou/Jolteon
Micheal w/ Bronzong/Lugia/Zoroark/Aegislash
Jack w/MeagMan/Raikou/Jolteon
Sydney w/Yveltal
Erin w/Lucario/Bats
Charles w/Pyroar/Charizard/Entei

This was Seniors

Night March/Milotic
Night March
Mega Man/Raikou
Trev BREAK/Aegislash BKP

Final Standings
1st Kaden
2nd me (Aaron)
3rd Abaan @Thedarkknight
4th Josh @JoshF
5th Travis
6th Raul
7th Somes
8th Sammy

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Final Standings
Xavier- ToadTina/Zoroark
Aiden- M Mewtwo/Dark
Piper- M Sceptile
Jackie- YZG
Quinn- Trev BREAK
Nick- M Mewtwo Dark
Jack- M Tyranitar/M Absol/Spinda/Banette???
Calem- MegaRay Raichu

Not sure of the rest of top cut, but final standings for PA state Masters was Sam Vernooy w/ Night March/Gallade, second place being Jimmy Obrien w/ Vespiquen/Yveltal/Zoroark

I got 14th at NY States today with the same list as last week…
I was 3-2, and had a shot at cut if I had won my last round. (There were 6)
But I lost.

I played against:
Vespiquen: LL
Giratina/Vileplume: WW
Toad/Yveltal: WW
Night March: WW
Night March/Vespiquen: LL
Houndoom Mill (my list almost): WLL (I scooped last game when time was called. He was gonna win, and I didn’t want to take that away because time was called. A tie wasn’t getting either of us cut anyway)

I’m pretty sure night March, Trev break, are in top cut. Idk what all the decks are though

I won with trev break, final standings coming soon.


New Hampshire Top 8 (Seniors):
Before Cut:

  1. Connor P.
  2. Wyatt Harris (me)
  3. Jacob A.
  4. Ian R.
  5. Austin Bennett
  6. Spencer N.
  7. Vinny P.
  8. Spencer P.

After Cut
1/2 (I didn’t stay for the finals) Spencer N./Ian R.
3. Connor P.
4. Wyatt Harris (me)
5. Jacob A.
6. Austin B.
7. Vinny P.
8. Spencer P.

What they played:
Connor P.: YGZ
Wyatt Harris: YGZ
Jacob A.: Mega Man
Ian R.: (Not completely sure but I think maybe Mega Man/Jolteon, I only saw Jolteon.)
Austin B.: Vespiquen/Vileplume
Spencer N.: NM
Vinny P.: NM
Spencer P.: YZG

There was 25 people.

Just left Washington states, the finals is @MewtwoEX vs probably @Thedarkknight. I got top 4 and Andy ??? probably got top 4 as well. @JoshF, @smashandslash, Sammy ??? and James loui ying got top 8.

I ended up getting top 4, after an insane 10-0 run I got benched 2 games in a row. Finals was Henry vs Nick or Logan.

EDIT: Henry Jung won with Toad/Tina, Nick Brassell with Vespiplume or Logan Honts with Mega Man/Zebstrika got second, and the other one got top 4 along with me. I played Trev Break, nearly the same list as last week. Top 8 decks were Night March, Metal Ray, TinaRam and YZG.

Just got back from Arkansas, I got Top 4 here is what the final standings were, also there was no Top 8 just Top 4:

1st Place: Dawson Testerman W/ Vespiquen/Vileplume
2nd Place: Antonio Banyaga W/ Night March
3rd Place: Alex Krekeler W/ Greninja BREAK
4th Place: Me W/ Yveltal/Toad/Garb.

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I lost to Andy as I threw game 3
1/2 Jasper @MewtwoEX trev
1/2 Andy toad king
3 Abaan (thedarkknight) me ygg
4 Shealyn @ShealynMillay with Vespiplume
5 James L-y greninja
6.Josh YZG
7.Alex B @smashandslash Vespiqueen yveltal
8.Sammy B toadking same 60 as

Indiana States Seniors TOP 8:

  1. Quintin North
  2. Noah Harrington
  3. Alex Schemanske
  4. Mike Gibbs
  5. Kenny Packala
  6. Nick Wright
  7. Carter Smith
  8. Megan Nawal

Basically everyone played night march except Megan Nawal played garchomp, Kenny Packala played yveltal (apparently an anti-night march variant), and Nick Wright played tyrantrum. Everyone else played either straight night march, or night march/bees.

Kenny Packala won the tournament with Alex Schemanske coming in second. Noah Harrington and Quintin North got top 4 and everyone else top 8.

I ended 4-2-0 and got 11th.