Which of these decks is the strongest/most competitive in expanded?


Im deciding on a new deck to build in expanded right now with more emphasis on personal enjoyment so I do not mind if it is not top tier, but Id still like the deck to be semi-competitive or decent and Ive narrowed down the choices down to the following list. I was wondering which one is the strongest, as I quite like all of them so at the moment Id just want the most competitive.

Sceptile w/ Virbank/Hypnotoxic Laser
Primal GroudonEX w/o Tropical Beach
Some future GX card (looking at Vikavolt)

Im personally leaning towards Primal Groudon(without beach) or Landorus/Regirock as the former seems strong inherently and the latter simply appeals to me but Id like to hear some advice on the rest in comparison.


Of the decks you’ve highlighted, I would focus either on Landorus/Regirock or a future GX card. It seems like a number of the faster GX cards have some great potential to feel broken against the current metagame.

Overall, though, these would not be my first choices for what to build in Expanded.


Volcanion is really good in expanded.


Understood, yea not looking to win Nationals or anything with it, maybe just win some locals and perhaps do decent at regionals.
As a newbie, having trouble recognizing what makes a good card good asides from low energy costs for attacks or attacks for give advantage, which of the GXs are you talking about? And in regards to landorus/regirock, it struck me as the weaker of the two Fighting type decks since Primal groudon has actually made tops (albeit with beach). Does the lack of beach place it below far below land/regirock?

Ive heard ppl pair it with Talonflame break, is the deck more or less simlar to its standard counterpart?


I’ve played it a bit in expanded. It’s fun, but just doesn’t seem to quite cut it for me. I’ve been using @KPiplup’s list for some time now with no refinement, though. I don’t know how viable it is. It was fun to play and seemed to fire correctly (no pun intended), but it was lacking something I can’t quite place my finger on.


Volcanion is also viable in standard, allowing you to be competitive in both formats. I’m not really sure of volcanion’s competitive place in expanded though.


The Landorus/Regirock deck might be OK :ok_hand:t2: if you take out regirock and replace it with zygarde ex and carving break


haha I did try that deck but did not like it as much. Would much rather run Primal Groudon without the beach or regirock with it, granted zygarde/carb/landorus is probably the more competitive of the 3

How much would the volcanion differ in expanded tho?


Keldeo, comp search, blacksmith, etc. I’m not an expert by any means though.


…Don’t. Just don’t.


Ground on without beach is like mega Ray without shaymins.


@jirachi123 @smashandslash is it even worse than Landorusex/regirockex?


Just saw the new Eevee in sun/moon and umbreon/espeon/sylveon GX cards, may just make that, will post a list soon


I feel obliged to let you know that we can’t post lists from sun/moon until the entire English set is confirmed or until set release can’t remember


Oh I had no idea, thank you! That really couldve screwed me.
and is primal groudon without beach worse than landorus ex/regirock ex?


Do you like losing slowly or quickly?

I wouldn’t suggest either of those decks, not because they’re bad, but because they aren’t good.

In expanded, it matters more how sound your list is than what matchups it has (for the most part), since the card pool is so large and the amount of unique decks at any given tournament will be ridiculous.


Ah alright, I just watched more Primal Groudon regional streams and its can be incredibly slow even with beach so perhaps I will just wait to see what the new set brings. Is volcanion considered sound on its own? I thought it could only get better in expanded


We do know the entire English set, and the next major tournament is in PRC-SUM, so I’d have no issue with lists being posted.


One other deck that I’d consider for you that’s relatively similar to Landorus/Regirock is the Carbink Break deck that has done moderately well at the most recent Expanded regionals. It doesn’t typically play Regirock (although it can) but it’s a pretty good deck with relatively strong matchups around the board.


Off to uncategorized i go!

@JStensrud Are you referring to the Zygarde one that Sam piloted at San Jose recently? I gave it a go and Im not big on the Zygarde/Carbink playstyle so if anything id stick to Land/regi if I had to pick one purely out of enjoyment