Where is Worlds 2015 going to be held?

I could see Philly in a couple years, but kind of doubt they will go back to the East Coast right away. My bet is back on the other side of the US somewhere.

Anything’s possible due to the unusual circumstances of looking for a venue for an event of this size 11 months beforehand.


inb4 Nats and Worlds are in Indy


From intensive study from past years, I have concluded that the World Championships will be…

Revealed in November.


I can feel the announcement getting further and further away…

Disclaimer: this is a joke.


My PTO mentioned a year ago of a lot of people complaining that it should be in Europe, but he says many things.

If it’s either in California or London, I’ll be happy since I can go. (I usually switch between living in California and Ireland, so I can probably convince my family there to take a ferry/plane to London :smiley: )

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London would be horrifically expensive.

You guys think stuff is expensive in Hawaii? Wait until you see how little a $ buys you in central London.


Let’s put what B_M said in prospective. I live in Islington (North East London) and I live in a 4 Bedroom ( Loft conversion) House and it is valued at £1.3M. (Close to $2M). The same house out side London would be about £300K

That is basically how all cities work. (The property values are meant to encourage people not to live there) London is no different, we are all humans.



There’s a lot of reasons London would just be generally more expensive. That includes TPCI’s bill, which, to me, means if we see European Worlds, 2007-esque levels of exclusivity are likely.

London is really the only plausible European city at this point in my view, and that’s pretty unlikely as it is.

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I want Worlds in Japan.

I know it won’t happen (partly because the Japanese execs like to travel), but I still want it.

The absolute best thing about Worlds is the opportunity to go see new places. Having Worlds within ‘driving distance’ would be awful as far as I’m concerned.


If Worlds was in London, for a start I wouldn’t be staying in a hotel in London. I would stay somewhere on the outskirts and then get a train and tube to where ever the location happens to be.

In 2008 they had UK Nats in Central London.

We did stay in a hotel there, but it wasn’t what you would call cheap.

Worlds in Japan would be fantastic. If they did this I wonder if we would also use Japan’s format at the time…

That’s pretty simple: No.

The rules documents clearly outline that Worlds uses the format in the US at the time. This year, things could get interesting in regards to what that format is, but we’ll see.

Personally wouldn’t like Japan, but I know there are people that would. Could be a tough sell to Junior parents though.

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Des Moines, IA. Coolest place ever. Japanese executives will absolutely love it.

I came down for your states. Never again. Was 60 degrees, then literally an 1" of ice in the hotel parking lot in the morning. Unrelated, but it’d never happen along with other cities lacking a major airport.

On the bright side for it, I’m sure it’s not lacking golf courses.


Haha it was a total joke. Just making fun of my state.

What about Maine? Great lobster, and Pokemon could make a fortune off of selling lobster for lunch, and calling it “clauncher” or “corphish” or “craudaunt”

(Kidding of course)