Where did all the good deck threads go?

Hey… Not to sound rude or anything, but all I’m seeing on the list of threads is stuff like Wishiwashi and Vikavolt, Araquanid, Dragonair, Palossand, Pkyukumuku, etc. Sure there’s sort of a Lurantis thread and a Muk thread but that’s about it for competitive ideas… Where did all the good deck threads go? What’s actually good in the format right now? I stopped playing briefly after Night March rotated and now I’m looking at SM decks like Golduck and Vikavolt but I can’t really test them if I don’t know what I should be testing against…

The last decks I remember being tier 1 are Dual-type Mega Gardevoir, Volcanion, and Yveltal/Garb. Are those still the main tier one decks or has SM had an impact? What’s winning big league challenges right now? What’s best for Regionals? I just don’t see much meta discussion going on in the forums and it feels kinda strange since SixPrizes is usually where I go to talk about the better decks (and Pokebeach is usually where the fun deck discussions happen).

Anybody know?


I’m glad you feel like a lot of threads about good decks aren’t around anymore.

Yveltal/Garb and TurboDark are the top tier decks of the PRC-EVO format, and runner ups may be Volcanion, and Mega Gardevoir. Greninja and Zebstrika/Vespiquen used to be things before Yveltal started adopting Garbodor and TurboDark got more popular. As for PRC-SM we will just have to see what Anaheim brings us.

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Well, atm not many people are very active and the guy with the lopunny pic started most of the random threads. I have a strange feeling they are all based off of 1 month old ptcgradio videos. I think the quality of 6p has, rather shockingly, dropped below even pokebeach fun deck standards of seriousness.
For testing opponents:

  • Volcanion is still big, esp with lurantis hype I’d expect to see it over a third of the time at larger events rn.
  • Lurantis with garb and lurantis with plume seem to be its main 2 variants.
  • Decidueye-GX/Tauros is seeing a large amount of play on tcgo. (Also loses to volcanion)
  • Turbo darkrai and dark/tina are probably on the rise again as Darkrai’s slightly overkill lategame damage is becoming more relevant.the only fighting deck around is passimian, (which doesn’t appreciate giratina)
  • Greninja, mega gardy and other decks still exist.
  • Yveltal’s dominance seems to have been completely bowled over; although I wouldn’t say the new decks counter it at all, however vespiquen players are looking for new partners over zebstrika for a reason.
  • I’d say mega ray still has a shot, although it shouldn’t be too popular, at winning events, esp with more grass/fire/water decks around that don’t want to play parallel city. Also, I assume there will definately be less garbodor than there was recently…
  • gen 1 eeveelutions are rising in general because: a) Both volcanion and lurantis, the biggest decks rn, are weak to flareon and vaporeon. b) Umbreon and Espeon-GX user will almost always tech them; which has additional hype due to the reprint of energy evolution!
    Ofc only tournament results will tell.
    I’ve probably missed some things; goodluck with golduck!

I found who made top 32 at Anaheim on pokebeach

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No. 16 played Turbo dark and No. 18 played dark dragons

vespiquen/herdier/zoroark: what’s special about herdier above milotic???

And lol gyarados is still top 32

You can search out herdier with level ball and it has 1 less retreat cost. Most decks can’t use milotics attack but all decks can attack with herdier but it would have to be a very odd situation for the need to attack with herdier.

The real reason is that lilipup has 60 hp and feebas has 30 hp. They were scared of hitting decidueye/umbreon gx in early rounds (something you would see less of in later rounds)

Vespiquen had 6 decks in top 32 and 2 in top 8 (One is currently still in top 4 with a decent chance to make the finals). Vespiquen has continually been underrated it seems, people might finally start running Karen

Additionally, umbreon can’t KO benched lillipups

I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

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I think it’s more decidueye than umbreon GX; the only reason I could see for herdier > milotic is lilipup > feebas. @Y_Guy3 most of those points are just stating the basic differences. I doubt level ball sees much, if any, play in this vespiquen variant due to pokes > search for pokes (excludes ultra ball). Retreat isn’t that big of a deal, considering dce is in the deck and feebas has 1 retreat.

Not true. I played a guy in day 2 who ran 2 Karen in his Mega Mewtwo Garb list.

That is some true teching hate. Didn’t think vesp vs. Mm2 was a bad mu for Mm2.

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Okay, so once every regionals you might play against somebody that plays a Karen. What I meant was that it won’t ever be very common, though in certain decks it could be okay.

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Sorry for posting my personal ideas what exactly is ptcgradio in the first place, I’m confused.

ptcgradio is a channel run by Ross Gilbert from the UK. He seems to upload a video pretty much every time a new card is released and overhypes absolutely everything!


ya i had no idea but thanks.

Posting personal ideas is totally fine; just make sure there is a grounds to the topic, otherwise everything in the thread ends up consisting completely of speculation as to the value of a card/deck, as opposed to anyone actually testing anything out. :rabbit:

Ok I will try to do that from now on

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wow Six prizes has been empty and desolate recently.

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