What to do if you have login trouble


1. Try using Chrome Incognito mode (or a different browser)

Most login issues are being caused by cookie buildup. There have been two separate useable login forms recently, and each would create separate login cookies. (Cookies are basically files that confirm you are logged in to the website.) We have now finally consolidated into just one universal login form, but if you have a leftover cookie file stored from the old login form, this will cause a conflict and you may not be able to log in.

Chrome Incognito is a good test to see if you have a cookie issue because Incognito mode does not track cookies. Other browsers may have “private browsing” modes as well, which should serve the same function. Or you could try a different browser than you normally use, which doesn’t have any previous 6P cookies saved.

If you find you can log in ok when Incognito then simply clear your normal browser cookies and your login troubles should be gone.

2. Reset your password

If you are an Underground member paying via PayPal, your password may get changed when your Underground payment goes through because PayPal is integrated with the old membership software (which is being phased out over the next couple months).

If you find your password does not work, you can reset it here: https://www.sixprizes.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

These are the two main culprits that may prevent you from logging in. If you still have trouble, please email me and I’ll troubleshoot your account personally.

I sincerely apologize for the hassle – it’s been stressful trying to get everything synced, but by September all facets should be 100% tightened up.

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