What is your experience with Ebay?

I’ve been thinking about using Ebay before, but I just am not sure about the reliability/cost comparison. Thoughts?

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I’ve personally have had a very good experience as a buyer, as well as a seller. Typically the only people who are at risk in the transaction are the sellers, who will occasionally encounter people that will bid and then delete their eBay account (so far I have had two of these people win my cards in an auction).

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I have never had problems.
I’ve bought and sold, and haven’t had anything go wrong.
Sometimes something might come later than it says, but other times it comes early.

The worst experience I ever had was when I ordered 2 Donphan for regionals a year ago.
They came late, on the day of the regionals.
But my mail comes at 4:00.
And the event was early. And a state away

Needless to say, I started with only 2 Donphan.
Luckily, i was able to trade for 2 more at the event

I once ordered a Darkrai ex, it came 8 months later. I have also experienced simply not getting some cards I order, I bought 2 Gallae bkt and I only got 1.

Did you check the seller’s reputation?

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eBay is pretty much all I use when it comes to buying cards. As was mentioned before, check the reputation of the seller. If their name is insertrandomname(5) with 80% positive feedback, I’d be a little cautious. The number in parenthesis is how many transactions they’ve had that people have rated. Generally, the lower the number, the less experienced and slightly riskier. Remember to check their positive feedback rating as well.

Continuing off that - a large amount of card stores sell through eBay, so they usually have a good stock and are very good to their customers. Some reliable big time sellers are: rubiomagic, untappedgames, thecharizardauthority, thewastelandgaming.

Everyone has their horror stories, but it’s very few and far between if you know what to look for. Also look at the description when you’re buying from a random person. Sometimes you can tell alot about a seller just through their description (mispellings of common names, card condition, etc.). I’ve also run into alot of moms and dads on eBay who are just trying to get rid of their son’s cards, at which point you can negotiate and all that fun stuff. Worst case scenario as a buyer, you get your money back and don’t get the card.

TL;DR: eBay is great; use it.


Ebay can be good, but I have had problems in the past with people never posting the cards previously. However, you can get epic bargains on Ebay (I once bought a Seismitoad EX for 5 pound 50!)

I’ve used Ebay all this pokemon season, and only one time something bad happened to me. I ordered a Shaymin EX and then it never came. At least Ebay let me get my money back though.