What does the standard meta look like?

So I haven’t really paid attention to the game since last august and I have no idea what the meta looks like anymore. However, from browsing through some of the most active forums, However, reading through threads has not given me a better idea of what the meta looks like, as most of these threads seem to be non-competitive decks (Even from my outsider’s perspecitve, I don’t see how these decks are supposed to function in tournament). Could someone help me out, please?

The top decks are:

  • Decidueye/Vileplume
  • Yveltal/Garbodor
  • M Mewtwo Y/Garbodor
  • Volcanion
  • Turbo Darkrai

with some fringe decks doing well like:

  • Gyarados AOR
  • M Rayquaza (colorless)
  • M Gardevoir STS
  • Vespiquen