"What Comes After Three?" – The Past (Dallas w/ ZoroToad), The Future (SUM–TEU Standard), and a Team Up Top 10

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Hello Sir!

I enjoyed this article. I think you made some good points. Sorry you did not do as well as hoped. I guess everyone except Dean would say that though. In your pairings, did you have a lot of bad matchups or just bad luck in how things played out?

While browsing the list of cards you did not play I wanted to mention that multiple Enhanced Hammer specifically got me 2 wins and probably helped in the other two. It was very strong for me.

I also wished I had played counter catcher, it would have been very helpful. I just didn’t think of it though.

As far as the new set goes, I am eagerly awaiting Shaymin and Gengar & Mimikyu cards. I think they both have a lot of potential.

Good luck!