What Booster box should I get?


I looked around on the internet and this is what I found for a somewhat cheaper price than $100.

I’ve bought from them before; they’re a legit site.


I wonder if they get you at shipping costs. That is a cheaper Booster box, but if shipping is a lot there isn’t a point


I’ve only bought through them on eBay, and they didn’t charge shipping there. Unless they have changed, I don’t think they will be charging shipping costs (which they might have, you’ll have to check it out yourself).


Are the pulls good? Like does the seller sell Legit unweighed boxes?


Can’t weigh boxes in Pokemon.


I thought so, but I wasn’t sure if they had an average box weight.


Phantom Forces is probably the best XY set, I’d reccomend getting that.


I’m pretty sure I’d get this so I can make my Lucario Bats deck and hopefully pull some EXs for my collection.


There may be varying weights, but there’s no way to identify better or worse boxes based on that. Well within the manufacturing margin of error.


Hm then in that case, I may order one up!


I was looking at some different expansions card list and now I’m some what confused on what to get, Phantom forces has more useful support cards and the bat line which I can use but I was looking into Roaring Skies and saw that is also has VS Seeker and I can possibly pull A Shaymin EX.

I’m confused on what to get :disappointed:
The Phantom Forces cards aren’t as appealing to me but you can’t trust a book by it’s cover.


The vs seeker in roaring skies is secret rare, you will have to buy an insane amount of boxes to pull four


Phantom Forces is a solid bet, you’ll pretty much pull well. Roaring Skies really is a crapshoot. You could get something like SR Energy Retrieval, Latios-EX, Thundurus-EX, and Gallade-EX and you’d be doing pretty well rarity-wise. But, you’d end up getting ~$16 for your UR+. It’s up to you, your money. We can just try to help you.


It’s a 1 in 8 boxes chance for the Roaring Skies one.


Chances are then I’d stick to Phantom Forces. Thanks for the help!


i would choose ancient origins because you can pull the primal groudon ex full art secret rare


If you’re going straight off of pokeprices.doeiqts.com like I am, here are the stats for booster boxes.

“Dark Explorers: $226.87
Noble Victories: $149.97
Legendary Treasures: $146.89
Generations: $145.58
Dragons Exalted: $115.13
Boundaries Crossed: $108.57
Roaring Skies: $98.40
Next Destinies: $97.50
Plasma Storm: $96.28
Plasma Blast: $95.58
BREAKpoint: $95.57
Evolutions: $82.56
Black White: $78.88
BREAKThrough: $78.31
Steam Siege: $77.42
XY: $76.45
Plasma Freeze: $75.09
Ancient Origins: $69.57
Primal Clash: $68.81
Flashfire: $62.17
Fates Collide: $62.00
Phantom Forces: $59.51
Furious Fists: $55.98
Emerging Powers: $47.50”

Notice how low Ancient Origins is, below Steam Siege and the BREAK sets, which should be much easier to obtain than Ancient Origins, driving down the price of booster boxes.

However, this reasoning is invalid if you’re just going for the sheer joy of pulling a primal groudon ex full art secret rare like @DjDecision2016, an argument with which I cannot contend.


Are my cards going to be safe with those prices?


Did anyone on here notice this thread is a year old?


The booster box you get depends if you are a collector or a player. If you are a player, The best box to get in standard is breakpoint, and in expanded the best is either Dark explorers or Noble Victories, so you can pull crazy stuff like full art N and Darkrai EX. For a collector, I would say legendary treasures because you can get your money back if you buy at $90-$100.