What Booster box should I get?


Heyo, I was wondering what kind of Booster box should I invest in. I already had one Primal Clash and Breakthrough booster box. I didn’t get all of the cards I wanted from the Breakthrough box, also I haven’t gotten to many Ancient Orgin packs. What’s your take?


Do you have Shaymin? If so, definitley buy Phantom Forces. If not, maybe go with Roaring Skies, but Phantom Forces is probably the best set right now.


I don’t have a Shaymin. Should I got for Roaring Skies, what’s so good about Phantom Forces?


I can’t think of a single deck that doesn’t play cards from Phantom Forces. Overall, it has valuable uncommons and even commons (night marchers). Mega Manectric being in the set is a nice bonus.


I would go for another BREAKthrough. It has really good pull rates and even if you don’t get cards for your deck the cards are still valuable so you can trade/sell for stuff you DO need. That, O Phantom Forces which has stuff like the night march deck, mega Manectric, or the Crobat line.


Also VS Seeker, Battle Compressor, Wobbufett, Aegislash…


My Breakthrough box had like 3 breaks and 4 EX’s that weren’t even fullart I feel like it could of been better. What were your pulls?


Not Breakthrough. That set has relatively few playable, expensive, cards.

Phantom Forces or Roaring Skies, I suppose. Though I think you will be much better off using the money to buy singles. Even an ROS box is not a guaranteed Shaymin.


How about Ancient Orgins?


The reason I suggest breakthrough is because the mewtwo pull rate is high and they are all worth a bit.
But otherwise, I suggest Phantom Forces.


For newer players, the ONLY box I think is worth “not a waste” would be Phantom Forces. Here are the cards that convince me this:

  • Sycamore and Shauna (Played a lot in Standard Decks)
  • Vs Seeker (4-of in 99% of decks)
    -Night Marchers (really good deck)
    -Battle Compressor (really good card)
    -Zubat/Golbat/Crobat (Hey! You need these for Fighting/Bats, right? Also just some really good Pokemon in many decks like Fighting/Bats, Manectric/Bats, Wobbuffet/Bats, Raichu/Bats)
    -Gengar EX (Viable deck)
    -Manectric EX/M-Manectric EX (a better, high competitive deck[s])
    -Xerosic & AZ (Techy, but good Supporters in many decks)
    -Bronzong (good deck on its own, and really good in combination with other things)
    -Metal Pokemon (more aimed to Aigeslash and Dialga EX, who are pretty good with Bronzong

Yes, other sets may have more good cards. But for beginner players, PHF has the most useful amount of cards to help them advance in the game. It also has the bonus of possibly of having a fair chance of getting a complete Night March, or Crobat playset.


It gets you giratina and vileplume, but you’ll need shaymin for it. The other big release in aor is vespiquen, but you need battle compresser for that (phf)


Actually, I wouldn’t reccomend Roaring Skies after thinking about it, I only reccomended it in the beginning because I got what could be known as the best box seen (8 ultras, 2 of which were Shaymin). Phantom Forces is the way to go.


Phantom Forces is by far the box most worth it. Singles are best. But PHF will at least get you staple TSS. Every EX in it has seen play to some degree at one point or another, Bats are the most expensive evolution line in the format, and VS Seeker and Sycamore in the same set is hard to argue with.

The latest in a long line of November sets that have defined the game.


Mostly true in recent years (SW, SF, TM, NVI, BCR), which is why Cities are usually the most interesting tournaments of the year.

Of course, LTR and this year’s underwhelming set have to go and be exceptions.


If you’re on that, then he should get Flashfire. It’s an absolutely garbage competitive set, but if you pull the right Zard, you get half your money back.


I’m attempting to make a few competitive decks while making a collection of Rare cards like EX’s Fullarts and secret rares. Which expansion would get the best of both worlds?


Phantom forces is still the best. You can actually make your money back without crazy luck, and some vendors may sell it cheaper than the newer sets.


Nice, where can I find a Box for cheap? I usually go to TrollandToad.com or Amazon


Usually, the cheapest way to buy boxes is from players who win them at tournaments, but don’t need the cards. That won’t apply to PHF though.

Shopping around online is your best bet. There’s no super secret cheap source.