"We're Live!" – Streaming Through Time and The Top Five Basic-and-Stage 1 Decks of NXD-FLF

“We’re live!” Hey SixPrizes readers! I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback from my first article and I’m excited to break ground with my first Underground piece for the site. I have been involved in the competitive scene of the Pokémon TCG for a decade now and I can’t help but notice the most exciting new medium to bring more Pokémon to fans and players is live streaming. Just like watching your favorite sports team or tennis star, you can now follow your favorite players and major events with the click of a button. Today, I will discuss the past, present, and future of coverage for the Pokémon TCG, with an…

Link: http://www.sixprizes.com/2014/05/15/live-behind-scenes-look-pokemon-tcg-streaming/

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Really enjoyed reading this article!

With very limited opportunities to attend tournaments or play test decks I have found Live Streams to be an excellent learning tool in addition to the enjoyment they provide.

Looking forward to catching more of your streaming!

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I’ve only been playing for a few months, but I really do enjoy streams, but I don’t get to watch as many of them as I should. Thank you for the article showing where some of the other places to catch streams will be.

Went to a League Challenge with your Vir/Gen/Floette list, and fought a long hard battle against somone playing pretty much your Aromatisse/Kangashan list in the last round. Those darn Max Potions! I probably did enough damage to knock out 9 pokemon. Thankfully, Red Signals to get the Mega Kangashan away FTW. I look forward to giving one a try in June.

Please keep writing articles, and I look forward to watching you play some games! :slight_smile:

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