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Was it a lap top? A Thinkpad? If so, I have a Thinkpad and it works fine


hey i have been having trouble where sometimes if someone likes one of my things or replys to me i dont get a notification. does this happen to anyone else?


Some posts aren’t showing up for me.


Funny, the moment i read that, I was thinking how that never happened to me. I then went into another thread and it happened


Can anyone see this? Certain posts are disappearing for me as well…


Lol. I can’t see @jonboy532’s post. This didn’t happen yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I can’t even see my own post. This is wierd…


It is sooooooooooooo weird. It’s most likely a software error in some server, but it could be anything.

It looks like there’s a phantump in the system!

1st post: invisible
2nd edit: visible!
3rd edit: NOT Visible???
4th edit: visible again…
5th edit: Gone with the wind…
6th edit: still gone
7th edit: now its back!
8th edit: Spoke too soon…
9th edit: Was visible for about a second after posting.
10th edit: between edit 9 and 10 it reappeared, but vanished when I saved teh edit. now its reappeared…If it dissappears I won’t be surprised.
11th: GONE GONE GONE for Good
12th still gone.
refreshing page…
13th: still gone.


Ok so here’s what I have observed:

No post was visible

Edited it

Then this:

The text reappeared for ~5 seconds before vanishing.

And then, it reappeared while i Was writing this…


I’ve been manually fixing your post with a tool. Editing and saving has roughly the same effect.


More information please?


What exactly are you asking?


I think he is asking why you were


Because it wasn’t displaying? Not sure what the question is.


What kind of tool were you using? How did it work? Why does the vanishing post problem exist? etc.


A forum tool. I click a button, magic happens. Nobody, developers included, knows.


I moved a post to an existing topic: General Discussion Have a chat!


What is the code of conduct for Sixprizes forums?


Contribute thoughtfully to discussions. Don’t be annoying. That’s basically it.