Welcome to SixPrizes


Yep and yep. I can integrate this software way better with the rest of the site. The old forums will remain up though they may become read-only at some point.


so have the classifieds been brought over? or are they going to be?


I was actually just talking to @Ollietoed64 about that earlier today. This software doesn’t have a XenTrader-type add-on available yet, so I have to think a little about how we’re going to manage feedback. I need to take care of a few other things first, but I would like to allow a marketplace on here.


Maybe like Virbank Mart where we list refs in a thread.


I don’t have Facebook so you’ll need to explain how they do it in a little more detail.


So you have a list of refs and when you want to give someone one you comment +1 XXX is the thread.


Is trading/selling/buying going to be readded at some point, because I have wanted to start a sale thread but haven’t gotten around to it? Thanks.


Yes, look for a “market” category this weekend.


@Ollietoed64 @tonenkyra @pokemonguy @Shibumi

The market is now open:


thanks @Adam! And final question here- will this version of 6p have a tab in the tapatalk app in the future as well?


No Tapatalk support is available for this software yet; I’m not sure if it’s really needed though. It should work ok on mobile devices as is.


Can you make an option to change the color of the text in the “about you” or whatever box that is under your name in the profile? It is always black and unreadable. (Atleast on my page)



I don’t think so. It’s white when I look at it, btw. It depends on your background image; no color is going to be that readable with what you have.


Ok. Thanks for looking at it


I’m dumb, how do you add a title to group PMs. I’m stumped.


Add the title first then add users to the message. The title field gets bumped down if you add a bunch of people.


How do you quote someone’s post? I knew in the old forums, but can’t figure it out.


Click the reply button within their post or highlight the text and a “quote reply” button will pop up.


Thank you so much! :smiley:


What happened to newsletter snippets? I miss them.