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M Rayquaza-EX is going to be really good.

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Secret commands, bbs -> forums, and tags

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This looks cool. :slight_smile:
I hate the 20 characters thing though.


The 20 character minimum is to encourage people to add a meaningful reply to the discussion. I can adjust the limit, but I want to try most of the default settings for a while and see how it goes. The developers of this software put a lot of thought into everything.


Kinda weird to compare the two, but it’s pretty nice that you can always see the most recently updated topics on any subject first. I did get confused with the deck lists lol.

Is there any way to exclude a particular tag, so you can display only the categories you want at the same time?


This page has a more conventional display with categories:

I still need to do some work on the categories (I think I made them too confusing), but as content is posted we’ll get it sorted accordingly and figure out what category terms are needed. I sort of like the display with latest topics though since we don’t have that many people actively commenting usually. I think it’ll help get more people engaged. It’s different, but I think it’ll work.

I’m dumping all my old deck lists on here so there is at least some content to start with and it isn’t completely empty.


E-mails are sent by default? Not amused by that :stuck_out_tongue: I’m happy that this is much more phone friendly though.


Hah, well if they were off by default then very few people would probably
realize there was the option to turn them on. You can also reply via email
which is neat.


hi! i got a question: where is my post about charizard deck list? i can’t find it, and of corse, neighter my other posts, so… how is this work? i don’t know where can i find them. Help please. Thanks


You are probably looking for the old forums: http://www.sixprizes.com/forums/


Hey, I’ve been on this website forever, but the picture I want to upload (the same shiny Giratina that I had before) will not upload because the site says I am a “New User” and “New Users can’t upload pictures.” Can you change that?


Can you try uploading again? Someone else got this bug too and I just tried adjusting one setting. Let me know if it’s fixed, otherwise there is one other thing I can try.

EDIT: Should be fixed. I created a dummy account and was able to reproduce the error then eliminate it.


what about UG articles??? i dont see many article disucssion stuff on here


I can’t import the old posts, but UG article discussion will be here from now on.


sweet, yeah like i havent seen like stuff on the more recent articles


also, how do you message certain people, i havent found how to do that


Click on anyone’s username and a private message option will come up.


lol i talk to the UG writers a good bit. but there is no good UG content on here yet so


Ok, the picture problem is fixed. (see? Now my avatar = Shiny Giratina!)


so this is the new 6p? is the old 6p obsolete?