Weavile PLF Variants // BCR-on

Hello everyone! I am a new player, having gotten back into collecting in the fall of 2013 when I discovered some Base Set cards in a bargain bin at my local comic book store. Currently I am honing my skills on the TCGO and enjoying the process! I have created dozens of decks, primarily online, but I only started reading more about the meta this summer and refining my decks as a result. Nearly all of my decks have been from scratch, but I started editing some and making new ones after reading more articles on this site.

Here is an idea I have been developing that seems like it has some potential. I know that Plasma decks are starting to die out, but it seems that Deoxys and Weavile may be an excellent combination. While playing, however, I am able to focus the deck’s resources around what works best against my opponent (and the Exeggcutes keep me from running out of cards in a tight situation since I am discarding a lot). I am thinking about adding two more Weavile and a Thundurus, and I have experimented with differing quantities of key cards such as Colress Machine, N, Pokemon Center Lady, Lysandre, DCE, and darkness energy. Thanks so much and let me know if you think this deck is viable for competition beyond the TCGO.

Pokémon (15)

3x Sneasel PLF
2x Weavile PLF
4x Exeggcute PLF
1x Absol PLF
3x Deoxys PLF
1x Thundurus PLF
1x Lugia LT

Trainers (33)

Supporters (10)
2x Colress
2x Professor Juniper
2x N
2x Pokémon Center Lady
1x Lysandre
1x Shadow Triad

Items (20)
3x Ultra Ball
1x Level Ball
1x Team Plasma Ball
2x Bicycle
2x Colress Machine
3x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Pal Pad
2x Super Rod
2x Startling Megaphone
1x Escape Rope
1x Switch

Stadium (2)
1x Frozen City
1x Virbank City Gym

Ace Spec (1)
1x Scoop Up Cyclone

Energy (12)

4x Plasma Energy
4x Prism Energy
2x Double Colorless Energy
2x Darkness Energy

Hi greeniegorilla!

The deck you are talking about is a good idea, but most decks centered around Weavile use cards to maximize damage other than Deoxys, like Lopunny and Silver Bangle. Lopunny is a stage one Pokemon who has the ability Big Jump, that lets you put Lopunny and all cards attached to it into your hand. That way, if you evolve a bunch of Lopunnys, you’ll always have a bunch of Pokemon to discard. Silver Bangle makes your pokemon do 30 more damage to a pokemon EX when it’s attached to a non EX. If you really like using Deoxys, maybe just a few, if you don’t find bench space too tight. Too make space, I might remove some of the plasma pokemon, the prism energy and the DCEs. Also add some darkness energies. Maybe also some more level balls to search for weavile, the eggs, and lopunny. Some Weavile decks focus more on a dark type engine (dark patch/darkrai). Good luck with the deck though, and i hope you like my ideas!

Oops, I missed some things I wanted to say. I think a 3 colress machines would be better than 2 for energy acceleration and I’m not sure how necessary Pokemon center lady is, because weavile is almost always one shotted, and it takes up your supporter for the turn.

Thanks so much for the suggestions! I did in fact read David Jensen’s article on his “Scape” deck shortly after it came out, and I tried making a deck quite similar to his in the TCGO, but it did not fare as well as this one and I don’t find it quite as fun (granted, I did not use Dark Patch and fewer Pokemon). Perhaps if I tried it at a more competitive level I would love it though! I would also be interested in making this deck more darkness centric and I might try that both in the game and with actual cards (though I’m no fan of Darkrai decks and do not wish to make them).

Do you think that Thundurus and Lugia are superfluous? I just tried adding Absol, and that one card seems to be quite effective. I do think that there are plenty of ways to take advantage of Weavile being Team Plasma, and pairing them up with Absol and Colress Machine seems to be one of them!

Glad you like my ideas! I think Colress Machine is good, but no Lugia or Thundurus. Absol is a great attacker, but maybe only as a one or two of… I also think Sableye would be a good edition, to get back Colress Machines.

I’m going to bump up this topic. I’ve been running a variant of this in PTCGO:

My current decklist:

Pokemon: 19

3-3 Weavile PLF
2-2 Lopunny (Big Jump)
4 Ditto BCR
1 Shaymin EX (Set Up)
4 Exeggcute (Propagation)

Trainers: 33

4 Juniper
1 Lysandre
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card

1 Computer Search

4 Super Scoop Up
4 Trainer’s Mail
4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
3 Battle Compressor
2 Exp. Share
1 Escape Rope
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Town Map

1 Mountain Ring

Energy: 8

8 Darkness Energy


  • I have only one Shaymin atm, but when I get a second I’m probably going to replace a card, most likely a Ditto.

Shaymin EX really makes the deck a lot stronger. The deck can already use Super Scoop Ups as a way to get more damage, but being able to turn them into psuedo draw supporters really helps the deck. As it is, I can consistently hit for 180+ damage from the 2nd turn onwards.

Dittos tie the deck together really well. In general they are decent starters as they can turn into a Weavile or Lopunny on demand after they’ve stuck around for a turn, and so lessen the pressure to get your Sneasels out ASAP. They can be stacked on each other to let you minimize your hand without wasting bench space in order to let you maximize your Shaymins, and if you evolve them into a Lopunny, can all be put back into your hand. This really helps in allowing Weavile to combat Megas.

Town Map is here because having as many eggs as possible is really crucial to the deck, and I also run a fair number of one offs. Shaymin EX and LTC are especially important to fetch out here (though Shaymin EX will not be a one off for long.).

I’m using Escape Rope over switch because I already have a psuedo switch in Super Scoop Up, and Lopunny has a psuedo free retreat. It is also useful against Wobuffet, which walls out everything in the deck.

Mountain Ring is there to remove Silent Labs, but can be replaced by anything as Weavile does not benefit much from any particular stadium.

Exp. Share is to allow you to stream Weaviles. one trick this deck has is to attach one Exp. Share to one Lopunny and one benched Weavile, which basically guarantees that you have an energy to play from your hand to power up Weavile.

I believe what made Scape so powerful was the usage of Dark Patch. Without another form of energy acceleration, what you have is a deck with a 2 turn to power-up pokemon that has 90HP. 90 HP is pretty much OHKO’ed by almost anything. Maybe try Colress Machine and Plasma Energy along side Exp. Share?

Also, I see no reason to run less than 4 Sneasel, he is the main attacker after all.

I run less because I only have 3 Weaviles online, but once my trade for a 4th one hits I’ll test running 4.

As it is, I can consistently keep a Weavile in play since with Ditto around I can skip needing Sneasel to be on the bench.

I agree that energy acceleration is a problem for the deck. I’m running Exp.Share to help alleviate that, but I plan to test Colress Machine as well.

Tested Colress Machine, and I decided against it. It makes the Toad matchup worse than it already needs to be.

That said, the Toad matchup is quite good thanks to Lopunny.

how does this deck work???
i get the exeggute discard and propagate to hand, but why ditto and lopunny???

Lopunny has the ability Big Jump, which lets you scoop it back into your hand for free. What it essentially does is give you a free retreater and additional ammo when you need it. It also works quite well with Ditto as you can use it to pull up a whole stack of them. Another strength of Lopunny is that it makes a great tank against non-Bats Toad Variants. They cannot KO it through traditional means (Lopunny has 90 HP which is just above Quaking Punch’s max damage) while Lopunny can jump up to nullify all that damage, and if I have another Bunneary, or 2 Dittos in the bench, then I can chain Lopunny to stall the game out. If they do decide to use Grenade Hammer to get prizes, that gives me a turn of items which, like Flareon, is usually enough for the deck to grab a lead.

Ditto reduces the need to urgently get a Sneasel in play and to provide more ammo for the deck in combination with Lopunny. It also combos well with Shaymin as you can stack them on top of each other to minimize your hand size quite easily.

A quick update. I’m experimenting with Empoleon in the deck, and so far is working quite well. I’ve defeated an M Gallade deck and had a close match against an M Gardy (I ran out of time).

Have you guys ever thought on Mew EX/Dimentional Valley? Just like Night March, Vilify for 1 Darkness energy is to good to pass.

Night March is almost purely a basic line. Where as here you need at least 1 Weavile in play (yours or your opponent’s side) before you can begin attacking.
I’ll make an additional post replying to yours with a list with Mew-EX and Dimensional Valley (using @Rakkis157’s list for support).
The downside is just the vast number of things you ‘have to have’ in the deck in order to run ‘properly.’

Pokemon: 22
3 Mew-EX
3-3 Weavile PLF
2-2 Lopunny
3 Ditto
2 Shaymin-EX
4 Exeggcute

Trainers: 28 (6 + 19 + 3)
4 Juniper
1 Lysandre
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card

4 Super Scoop Up
3 Ultra Ball
3 Trainer’s Mail
3 VS Seeker
2 Battle Compressor
1 Escape Rope
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Town Map

3 Dimensional Valley

Energy: 8
8 Darkness Energy

Quick summary:

-1 VS Seeker
-1 Trainer’s Mail
-1 Mountain Ring
+3 Dimensional Valley

-1 Ditto BCR
+1 Shaymin-EX ROS

-1 Battle Compressor
-1 Ultra Ball
+2 Mew-EX

Somehow the math was messed up.