"Wars of Attrition" – Primal Groudon in Dallas, Bans in Expanded, and Swampert in Standard (Pre-Team Up)

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Good evening! Great article, I appreciate the insights. Since many posts here receive few comments I am trying to show my appreciation for these great articles and lead by example by commenting as much as possible.

I went to the regionals myself and played Darkrai. Even though I played against 6 fighting decks I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Even though the Expanded format can be diverse, it was not for me at all. I saw 2 zoroark, 1 shocklock, and 6 buzzwole/fighting.

I applaud using Snorlax the way you did, that was quite inventive and effective. I think Faba is going to be a staple eventually as soon as it catches on more. It’s very flexible.

Personally I love the Expanded format. There is so much variety and always new things to come up with , it is always interesting. Standard gets old fast comparatively. I can see the issue with Zoroark though even though I like playing it too. I really don’t think anything needs to be banned, there are ways to counter Zoroark. People do not try hard enough to counter it in my opinion. If something must be banned then I think the top choice would be as simple as banning Sky Field.

Congrats on your nice tournament and good lucj on the next!