Wailord-EX Variants // BCR-On

I had a new deck idea based on the old Quad Snorlax, only with Wailord. You could run no Energy, but run all sorts of hammers, Xerosics (for Toads), and Lasers for your damage source. I was also thinking base it around putting down Ancient Rhyperior in light counts for more walling. Lastly, throw in a count of either Silent Lab (VirGen) or Virbank (Everything else) to be that guy who just waits out games with Lasers. It is probably just a horrible idea, but feedback would be appreciated. I will put up a list later as well.

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This could actually be interesting…Except VirGen is still a thing…

In the case of Virgen, just run a couple weakness policy and a tool retreiver, you have all the space, why not?

Probably, but you need a tech Silent Lab to shut off Verdant Wind. The big question for me is whether to play Trump Card or not. I know there will be 3-4 VS Seeker and 2-3 Shadow Triad (For lasers) but giving bck my opponent energies I hammered away?

This does seem like a pretty bad idea, but it isn’t entirely without merit. Weird idea… what about Robo Substitute? Be hilarious Rhyperior (well, that ideal four in play at once) and a Hard Charm managed to keep one of the little guys alive. I mean, still assuming you’re spamming Hammers and such.

The main goal of the deck is to completely shut down Yveltal. Hammers completely messes them up, and no bonus energy from Wailord doesn’t help their matchup. I tested this deck with 6 games, 2 against Yveltal, 2 against Seismitoad/Slurpuff, and 2 against VirGen last night. Final result was 4-2. 2-0 against Yveltal, 1-1 against Seismitoad/Slurpuff, and 1-1 against VirGen. I only beat VirGen because they drew really dead and I hit all my hammers. They also prized G-Booster. Yveltal was the only real good win, I played something special as well to hurt it more:

Pokemon: 12

4 Wailord EX
3 Rhyhorn
1 Rhydon
4 Rhyperior

Trainers: 48

4 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Skyla
2 Juniper
2 N
3 Ultra Ball
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
2 Xerosic
1 Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick
1 Ghetsis
2 Rare Candy
2 Head Ringer
1 Jamming Net
1 Float Stone
4 Max Potion
1 Full Heal
1 Weakness Policy
1 Rock Guard
3 Hard Charm
4 Crushing Hammer
2 Enhanced Hammer
3 VS Seeker
1 Shadow Triad
1 Tool Retriever
2 Virbank City Gym

Why are there more rhyperior than rhydon? @XtremeFate

Interesting. Could you please detail the game that you have won?

Maxies hidden Ball trick. It’s useful to have more of the pokemon you want in the deck than its previous evolution.


I opened with Wailord and a Rhydon, he opened with 2 Toads. I went first, got up another Rhyhorn, Rock Guard on active Wailord, Virbank, pass. He got DCE and item locked me. I just played Xerosic and passed. he couldn’t get a DCE, and just passed. I got candy Rhyperior, Rhydon on my other Rhyhorn, ultra ball for another Wailord, put hard charm on it, Hidden Ball Trick for Rhyperior, Laser, pass. The first Toad is at 90 from Rock Guard and poison. He drew, put down Swirlix, atached DCE to benched Toad, pass. I drew, Crushing Hammer, tails, Ghetsis for 2, got another Crushing Hammer, tails. Pass. He drew, played Laser, muscle band, quaking punch. I drew, Skyla for Xerosic, pass. Wailord is poisoned and at 90, 30 from Virbank and 30 from Muscle Banded Punch (blocked by Rhyperior). I drew, played Xerosic, pass. He drew, attatch DCE to active Toad, Skyla for Lysandre, pass. He didn’t attack because he would die if he did. I drew, laser, pass. He drew, evolved into Slurpuff, Tasting, Lysandre my Rhydon, then passed, and died in between turns, sent up Slurpuff. I drew, played Skyla for Tool Retriever, picked up Rock Guard, put it on Rhydon, pass. He drew, then scooped.

Sorry it took so long to explain, but you asked for detail.

Okay, maybe the deck is more promising than I have thought. My apologies. Congratulations and thank you very much for your detailed explanation!

That said, things could have been entirely different if your opponent had run Xerosic…

Thank you very much. I am bringing this to the leauge challenge I have this weekend-almost everyone plays Yveltal. I hope this new deck can possibly do well. I reccomend to everyone to possibly try it, it’s fun!

Which ones are you talking about? I cannot seem to find the correct ones.

The ones from Primal Clash, the Ancient Trait Rhyperior with Ω Barrier and Rock Wall. @jonboy532


My version of the stall variant that did well day one at nats:
4 Wailord ex
4 Suicune PLB

4 Hard Charm
4 VS Seeker
4 Crushing Hammer
4 Enhanced Hammer
3 Jamming Net
4 Trick Shovel
4 Max Potion
4 Robo Substitute
1 Scoop Up Cyclone

4 Rough Seas

4 Hugh
4 Team Flare Grunt
4 AZ
4 Cassius


Scoop Up Cyclone and AZ should be better than Switch.


You’re missing max potion

You’re going to havE trouble with anything with some energy acceleration

The point is to deck your opponent out, not take 6 prizes.

It’s all edited. Forgot about a few things.