VS Seeker - Needed, Not, or Staple


The reprint of VS Seeker make supporter search a lot easier?
How many VS Seekers should be played in each deck?
Is it now a staple?


VS Seeker IS a staple in every deck. The count depends on the deck. Extremely fast decks such as Night March or Flareon need 4 for retrieving supporters every turn (since they don’t run as many supporters as other decks) and for retrieving Trump Card . Another deck to run 4 would be Toad/Puff, so they can retrieve their disruption supporters such as Xerosic or Flare Grunt. Yveltal or Aromatisse, for example, can work with 3 because they do not need a Supporter every turn and because they overall run more draw support, whether it’s items or supporters. You can definetley run 4 in any deck if you wish, but most decks right now like to run about 3, but it really depends on the deck. I wouldn’t go lower than 2 though.






VS Seeker is one of the, if not the, best card in the game right now. It would have little competition for “best card” if there was not Laser, N, and Seismitoad EX.


I try to find space for 4 in every deck. I completely love the card, it lets you reuse your Supporters and increases the little consistency that we have at the moment.


Strive to play four. Never play less than three.


Color me surprised; when I first saw it this was my take… until I finally started slamming into Seismitoad-EX often enough. If the deck warrants it I still run four, but more often its just two or three. Still even in the face of Item lock, so far never less than two and this is only because of convenient Item lock; if Seimsitoad-EX received an errata or ban (not happening) I’d instantly be back at three or four. Still not an automatic four those, just because you still only can use one Supporter per turn and you only have so much room in your deck; even when not facing Quaking Punch there were a few too many turns where VS Seeker was either a dead card or a suboptimal draw (in the latter case, pretty much any Supporter would also have been unwelcome).