VS Seeker // Good Or Bad

With a month passed after the release of phantom forces and VS Seeker (109/119) I believe that the card is very strong and should be considered a staple but it’s also a terrible thing also my reason being;

+4 N - not only being more than four N this mean also players can skimp on supporters for the well round never dead card VS Seeker

Lysandre - this is one of the reason why I dislike VS Seeker it means multiple Lysandre many people play 2 VS Seeker and 2 Lysandre this could possibly mean 4 drag outs

It’s and item - this is a weird reason but I don’t like it because it is an item, their is seismitoad to stop it but if this was and ability it would not be played so often the fear of garbodor making the card dead and the fear of an easy knock out would steer people playing it just like Jirachi EX

So tell me what you think do you think I’m stupid or do you agree with me, would like to hear everyone thoughts on the card

I believe this card was reprinted because the designers have scheduled N will rotate out next cycle. Which means the two best draw supporters will be Professor Sycamore and Shauna (unless something else gets printed in the next three releases). Unless our draw support changes, something had to be done because the game would then break down along fairly predictable lines: whoever hits a Sycamore first wins. With VS Seeker, we will at least have some options to hit supporters in the early stages (like VS Seeker + Battle Compressor). I feel like the game is going to change drastically next Fall. Standard and Expanded will be significantly different formats.

VS Seeker is amazing. Gives decks more options and let’s them use a 1-of Supporter more than once.

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I don’t see VS Seeker as a bad card, I personally see it as remarkable card that should be played.
I really do hate the Seis/Garb combo. Not really anything but preventing your opponent while your deck is nothing but an irritant.
I think being able to use Lysandre multiple times is a splendid and wonderful idea, not a mind-numbing ‘N,’ ‘Sycamore,’ anymore. This allows a card to come back and used again.

I don’t think you’re stupid. I do think your wording for the rest of your post could be a bit more clear. :wink:

The only drawbacks to VS Seeker are that if you don’t have a good (let alone any) Supporter in your discard, its either nearly dead or dead in hand and that Item lock is a serious factor in the current metagame.

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Extremely solid card. I’d argue it opens up an avenue for skill, even if it’s minimal. That’s a plus.

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This is an excellent point that I had not considered.

Anything that introduces an element of choice (as opposed to blind drawing) increases the skill element of the game.

I would not run a deck without 2 VS Seeker, and I would cut just about anything to get a third.

Arguably the best card printed in the last set. It makes non-draw supporters more viable.

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Also quite true. My early praise for Lysandre’s Trump Card (which I do run and usually find pretty amazing) was based on the assumption that Battle Compressor plus VS Seeker was going to become a standard thing. Well, I think it was… :wink:

I have experienced the same thing. Question: Is it reasonable to argue that VS Seeker is bad for the game in the sense that its presence has simply generated another “automatic” slot in deck construction (along with Ultra Ball, Juniper/Sycamore, N, etc)?

That’s an interesting question. It used to be debated a lot when Claydol GE became a staple: did it enable more complex decks, or just force everyone to run the same cards?

Personally, I think that variety for the sake of variety is uninteresting. I’m more concerned with the effect a card has on how the game plays. My view is that VS Seeker is a positive thing, as it introduces elements of decision making, reduces the luck factor, and makes more complex, technical plays possible through the use of one-off cards like AZ, Xerosic, PCL etc.


Clearly a good card for the game. Makes running 1 of supporters more viable, and increases you options late game.

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