Volcanion Expanded Deck


Any ideas for a Volcanion/Tyrtonator/Blacephalon/Hooh Deck that could be somewhat competitive in expanded?


It cant really be consistent with the large pokemon line, i would recommend heavy blacephalon and blacksmith with heavy consistency.


I definitely agree with @PerkyPancham. The Pokémon you listed don’t have a large amount in common, except for being fire types, so it might be best to cut a few out. However, if you want a good fire type deck, than I would recommend:

3-4 volcanion (baby): The best starter. Jirachi is fairly popular, and you starting with volcanion both gets rid of one of their consistency cards, and helps put energy on the field for a Blacephalon GX. I am talking about the one where you attach two energy from the discard (STS).

3-2 Volcanion EX: an incredibly helpful ability, but not the main point of the deck. It helps a lot of math, and get energy in the discard, but is no longer required. Both volcanion should add up to be 6 cards.

1 Turtonator GX: is a useful side attacker and GX support attacker

2-3 Blacephalon GX: is your main attacker with the ability to hit actual numbers. Is a good GX attack to use early on, and a great board wiper. Not necessary until late game though, so can go down to 2.

0 Ho-oh GX: as nice as the card is, such high energy cost is not exactly worth it. In many situations where you could use Ho-oh, Blacephalon is usually a better answer.

Trainers (necessary):
2-3 blacksmith: will help put energy from the discard pile on the field. However, do not need a high amount, as highly unlikely to play more than three throughout a game.

4-3 VS Seeker: will get enough supporters, and let you use blacksmith a lot. It 2 blacksmith, 4 vs seeker, and vice versa.

Heat Factory stadium: both puts energy in the discard pile and also get another form of consistency and draw.

3 battle compressor: would simply let you put both energy and supporters in the discard pile for use with both baby volcanion/blacksmith and supporters.

Game plan: fill your board with energy via blacksmith and Baby Volcanion. If the opponent is a shrine of punishment deck, you can use volcanion’s second attack to hit high enough numbers with a single-double steam up. If a GX deck, let them kill either one/three baby volcanion and then wipe their board with Blacephalon GX (would make them play a 7-prize game).

This is what I quickly came up with for a deck that includes most of what you want. Good luck!